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Psychedelic Vocals

Where do Psychedelic’s get the vocal lyrics from was my main question when I heard the power packed definitions about the song and the way they described the meaning of the songs.

Psychedelic trance, often referred to as psytrance, is a form of trance music that developed from goa trance in the early 1990s. Trance generally has a fast tempo, in the range 140 to 150 beats per minute (bpm). 

It is not at all an easy task to find out where are the vocals from. They can be original or they can be taken from some documentaries on Narcotics. As Psy is often related to Sedatives which people often indulge in but let me make it clear I am not at all promoting Narcotics or the use of it but shelling out the truth which I have seen people doing.

Listing some of the Trance vocals which I love.

  1. Or Lsd – Skazi

          In the 1940's Dr. Albert Hoffman discovered a substance that had a profound influence of the way science viewed human love lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD

  1. Day Dreaming – Talamasca

          And the nice thing about day dreaming, is that day dreaming wouldn't has been considered a sign of incompetence, a sign of a bad academic potential, we now realized that day dreaming can break you or make you in a great genius that did something different, they "daydream" big.

  1. Cosmic Company – Talamasca

          In our generation, it has finally become possible, to do more than merely, discourse and philosophize on these matters. This is about a quest. Are there thinking beings, elsewhere in the universe. Island societies separated by the vast reaches of interstellar space Intelligent life in space (life in space, life in space). So, we're going to talk about the cosmic company

  1. Becoming Insane – Infected Mushroom

         Wake me up before I change again, remind me the story that I won't get insane. Tell me why it's always the same, explain me the reason why I'm so much in pain.

  1. I wish – Skazi

Wish to give, to take, the make, to shake. I want to see it happen, I want to see, to be the one that plays the game without no fears and regrets. I want to know you, better than I know myself. I want to feel the end and to enjoy the consequence.

Go ahead to take some interest in Psychedelic Trance. Trust me it needs to Narcotics to understand trance or to be in love with it to enjoy the beats which may actually be addictive to some extent to some insanity of not getting out of the state of trance yourself.

Let me know if you enjoy these songs and I would post more personal favorites which has some power packed lyrics.  

Speakers go to war

Alright Folks!! Let’s start by saying. It’s not about any speakers who make an hour long lecture on the dais without the familiarity of what they are saying, untruthful assurances and empty words which bring no good to anyone. It’s my understanding. You are free to pour your observation out. Overlook it why am I even concerned to write about something which I am not interested in.

Let me start again by saying, this is about the speakers which blast music. First it was the Walkman, followed by the disc man, further followed by our 2.1 and 5.1 computer speakers and finally when you grow up and you have a mean machine and you have installed some super cool tweets and speakers which will actually blast inside out of your mean machine vibrating your side mirror assuring you of the power they possess.

I will give you top five songs which will give you the best sound check ever to check if really “The bass and the tweeters make the speakers go to war.”

Top Five picks by Talisman Fardi:

1. Skazi – Hit and Run - 4:55 – Make sure you don’t drive when you hear him. His beats would make your speed go from 0 to infinity in no time. Released in 2006

2. System of a down – Chop Suey!(Popularly known as Angels deserve to die – 3:30 Released in August 2001

3. Paul Elstak - Angels deserve to die – If you like Chop Suey! You will fall in love with Paul. – 5:03 – Released in ~ November 2009

4. Eagles – Hotel California – 6:30 – Its melody would make your really get your speakers to war. Released in February 1977

5. Queen – The show must go on – 4:25 – Beware Freddie Mercury has a 4 octave voice which is rare and probably one of the loudest. Make sure you check your tweeters and bass well and be ready for the rock star to astonish your intellect. Released on October 1991

6. Additional Song – It would be unfair if I don’t take Timmy Trumpet’s name here because of his song this blog came to my mind. Timmy Trumpet – Freaks!! – 2.48 – Released in August 2015

Skazi for Music and Freddie Mercury (Queen) for Vocals. I would soon come up with 10 skazi and Queen songs in the next continuation blog on Speakers go to War II

Enjoy these five tracks and let me know if you like them or hate them. 

Super Cheers

Cheers has always been the word when people share a drink in a pair or a group. There have been many different lines we all use while clinking the glasses. The most I have heard with friends saying is Cheers to the wounds that never heal; there are many such lines to state and may be in a different post I shall come up with all such lines which are fun to hear and say.

Cheers may have different stories to why such a word is being used while having a drink. Let me bring up one of the stories which is related to the word. When enjoying a drink or two one can see it, feel it, taste it and smell it but can't hear it. By clinking the glasses and saying cheers, we complete the experience.

Super cheers is a short story which will probably end the moment you start to read it because it’s a sweet super gesture that I see from years in my own home. It’s not the ladies of the house nor myself.

It is time when we all unite in the Pune house after we have left our roots back in Rajkot and grounded our life for a lifetime here in Pune. Let me again start by saying this Supper Cheers!!! Gesture is related to my Dad Rohinton Framroz Dastoor Meherji Rana. One day I was resting on the couch and I see dad raising his daily 8 pm Glass to something in the glass cupboard where I have stocked up the Bar. I see this repeatedly for a couple of days and did not understand why was he doing this which I have never seen him doing before or probably I have been missing to see it all these years. Let me first show you the place where this Super Cheers happens on a daily basis and later I will tell you about it.

The picture on the right hand inside the Bar is none other than his Late Father Edvard Framroz Hormazji Dastoor Meherji Rana. My grandfather has the same trait as him to have a drink at dusk before food and he continues the legacy which is sadly not passed on to me as of yet probably because of the life style I carry at this moment. He would daily fill in the glass and this bond between them both goes without the glass clinking but the feeling, sight and sound reaches to the great soul. Even if someday I make the drink for him and he is in the room. He makes sure that the drink has been shared with my Grandfather before he can sip the first one.

This was the sweetest Cheers gesture which I have seen in my life and that’s why I am naming the blog as Super Cheers because it’s a gesture which can be felt with the heart without the other person responding to you but it’s eventually heard. 

The Panchgani boy who became a pop legend



Tomorrow would have been Freddie Mercury's 70th birthday. His childhood buddies tell Anvar Alikhan how `Bucky' could make even the girls in burqa dance
Freddie Mercury , born Freddie Bulsara, was probably the world's most famous Parsi.

He was voted the secondgreatest lead singer of all time by Rolling Stone magazine (ahead of John Lennon and Mick Jagger), and his Bohemian Rhapsody was listed as the greatest song of all time by the Guinness Book of Records. But not many know about the beginnings of Freddie's music career in the little hill station of Panchgani, where he studied at St Peter's School, and played in a rock band called the Hectics.

At school, the eight-year-old Freddie was nicknamed `Bucky', because of his buck teeth -something he would be sensitive about all his life. It was a teacher at St Peter's who first recognised his musical talent, having heard him sing in the school choir. He was recommended for special music lessons, and his piano teacher, Mrs O'Shea, tried patiently to steer him towards classical music, but young Freddie just wanted to play rock `n' roll.

The Hectics, his first band, was set up by class-mate, Bruce Murray , now settled in England. “We started the band only to impress the girls,“ Murray reminisces, “Our idols were Elvis Presley , Cliff Richards and Little Richard. And we sang numbers like Yakkety Yak, Tutti Frutti and Rock Around the Clock. We had a couple of guitars, an old tea chest that we converted into a bass with one string, the school's ancient piano, and a drum. We were terrible musicians. But Freddie was different. He had the ability to hear a song on Radio Ceylon just once, and then play it perfectly .“ And was Freddie influenced by 1950s Bollywood music, as the urban legend claims? The members of the Hectics insist that's a complete myth.

Classmate Dr Subash Shah remembers Freddie as an introvert.Yet, he was “a born show-off “, and his personality would transform once he was on stage. Dr Shah recalls, for example, an evening on a beach in Zanzibar (where their parents lived).Music was playing and Freddie spontaneously started to do the `twist', the popular dance of the time. The next thing they knew a group of local girls, wearing burqas, had formed a circle around Freddie and began to twist with him.“That was the power of his showmanship,“ recalls Dr Shah.

Apart from being a great musician, Freddie was also a talented artist and sportsman.He was a good boxer, for example, and school-mates recall the time he was getting hammered in a boxing match, and everybody told him to concede, but Freddie insisted on boxing till the finish, his protruding front teeth badly bloodied.

Some friends remember him as “a bit of a sissy“, though, and his favourite teacher, Mrs Smith, always thought he was slightly effeminate. Friends also recall his rather outré habit of calling the other boys “darling“, a lifelong habit. Freddie himself apparently never realized he was gay till he was in his 30s, when he confessed to Mary Austin, his long-time girl-friend, that he might be bi-sexual. “No Freddie,“ she told him, “You're not bi-sexual, you're gay .“ It was a turning point in his life.Mary Austin recalled, “Once Freddie understood he was gay , he became one with himself, for the first time.“ In the mid-'60s, he migrated to England with his parents, and reinvented himself, changing his name to Freddie Mercury , after his ruling planet. As a result, many of his school friends never knew, until after his death, that the great Freddie Mercury was actually their old Panchgani buddy .

The only school friend who kept in touch with Freddie after he'd become famous was Bruce Murray, who remembers the time, for exam ple, when Freddie invited him for dinner, and it turned out that the other guest was Elton John. But, while Freddie was always friendly , after a point Murray felt he could no longer keep up with him socially , and the friendship waned.

St Peter's School has today become a pilgrimage centre for Freddie fans from all over the world, and it patiently puts up with trespassers, and vandals in quest of souvenirs. An enterprising alumnus even promoted a `Freddie Mercury Tour of India', the highlight of which was a visit to the school and a photograph taken with Freddie's old Moutrie piano.

But what became of Freddie's other Hectics band mates? The drummer, Victory Rana, went on to a distinguished military career, ending up as a majorgeneral. Lead guitarist Bruce Murray migrated to England and, now runs a music shop. Guitarist Derrick Branche also migrated to England and became an actor, playing small roles in productions like My Beautiful Launderette and Jewel in the Crown. Bass guitarist Farang Irani ran a little restaurant in Pune, until he died a few years ago. And Freddie, of course, became one of the great Gods of rock music.


Article from Times of India: Pune Edition. Dated: 4th Sep, 2016.

Unpublished Writings

Every writer in their lifetime have certain writings which never came up to the world for a specific reason. Those reasons are only known to the writer, they were written for a purpose but did not make it to the readers for ambiguity.

A writer always has his mind running on certain thoughts to write something. When I get a good line which may be incomplete but I would write it down somewhere to make it a quote or a blog out of the thought. At times those written lines are never completed because the moment that line was written the reason is forgotten to what it belonged to.

There have been certain blogs which never made it to my website had reasons. Certain times happy moments spent but something ruined my mood to write about it and waste my time, it may a very bad reason but that’s my thought. Certain times you have blogs you want to publish, but would not want to hurt the loved ones with your writing so they are unpublished. At times you have a topic in mind which you are desperate to write but the motive behind the blog is dead which does not make it to the published sector. There can be numerous reasons for the same, I’m just penning down some here.

There may be a writer who has all the reasons to blog about a specific topic but it may lead to issues and troubles if they are writing on a controversial issue. Today’s times are bad and everything is unpredictable and life is dearer than an unpublished blog. We have quite often seen books, movies, write-ups, songs, etc. getting banned for so many reasons because it may be revealing the living truth or may be hurting someone’s sentiments.

Last but not the least, at times I have started writing a blog and left it in between and now when I get back to the blog which are years old they don’t match my content I wrote years back as my language is polished then what it used to be.

So everyone has their own reasons to not publish something somewhere. I would like you all to tell us something that you wanted to publish but it remained unpublished. It may be a status, it may be a feeling on FB Status, it can be anything. I would love to read why it was unpublished. And if you feel you need to publish something feel free to talk to me and I can publish something on my guest post.


Why do I Blog

Earlier periods and even now people have the practice of lettering their private journal which they keep it furtively to them, which has sequence of actions in day to day lifetime. May be significant or inconsequential. I too had this practice of writing my journal with all senseless linguistic which made no sagacity at all. I would say for a matter of fact I did not even construct sentences, they were just pointers as a memory of what I did. Ultimately I stopped writing on paper.

I started working with IT where I would continuously face the workstation and the technology substandard my way of writing on paper and then using the digital form of script. I started to blog offline making word documents about my life where soon I thought of having my own blog with a unique name and there it all started.

Usually I use to write quotations on the opinions that come to my awareness and what I hear from my ambiances and those quotes use to go to friends in the form of SMS as earlier then What’s app there  use to be an MMS which seems to be all name changers in 2015. So always I had friends asking me to write very small things like a birthday message to a love letter for their loved ones. I thought to bring this idea of writing online where I could preserve them forever.

Initially 5 blogs were utter non sense to me which made no sense to me but as I had those files with me I wanted to put them up. As time passed by my blog content changed, but yet on the lines of my experience of life.

I happened to blog for one more purpose was just a personal touch to my own life and as I am an open book to many I wanted myself to be more open to the world, thou I would say the people who know me well are still the ones who say I am mysterious and would not know me well. This blog I made not to fetch fame but for people to read about my life. It’s always interesting to read about others life as it gives us an idea of how others life is.

It’s more than 4 years now that my blog is active, but it’s not reached a lakh viewers. I am not concerned about how many views do I get. I’m just concerned I am reaching to the users who love to read. As I am a music lover I would love to listen to any kind of music, like wise there are readers who would love to read anything that comes cross them.

My main reason of this blog is the people who don’t know me well, can get a glimpse of all I am in life and the same I would be in real with them as well. I would continue to blog but might be a bit slow as my monotonous life at times does not give me proper time to write but as its said, no one has time you need to fetch time for everything. So I would continue to put my work up with new blog contents related to my experience of life.

Favorite December Tunes

December is one of my favorite month, first being my birthday month and the other its Christmas Stretch. With every passing fiesta all have their list for favorite tunes according to the festival. Christmas may not be the most preferred festival but I have some sentimental remembrance with Christmas.

Being in the boarding school, I continuously was a part of the nativity play in school for 3 years in a row, till the time I was studying in Barnes High School Devlali. Over there I started to learn the Christmas hymns and started to enjoy the cold winters with the lovely tunes that filled the play.  

I would love to share some of the Christmas melodies which I myself Love to listen to in December. 

1. "The Christmas Song" - Nat King Cole (1961)
2. "O Holy Night" - Celine Dion (1998)
3. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" - Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi (2003)
4. "The Little Drummer Boy" - David Bowie and Bing Crosby (1977)
5. "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" - Jewel (1999)
6. "White Christmas" - Has been covered by everyone from Bob Marley to Bette Midler, and Kenny Rogers to Taylor Swift. 
7. "Silent night" - Elvis Presley (1957)
8. "Silver Bells" – Jim Reeves (1963)
9. "Joy to the world" - Whitney Houston
10."Oh little town of Bethlehem" - Elvis Presley (1957)
I hope you enjoy this Christmas with some of the best classic tunes to enjoy the winter festival.

Additional Song you may love – "Winter Wonderland" - Flex Bernard (1934)


Throw back – Freddie Mercury

24th November, 2015 – Way back on the same day 1991, the world mourned the death of the most flamboyant Rock star Freddie Mercury.  It’s his 24th Death Anniversary today and since 1992 this day is always been a tribute to him all over the world.

He knew those were the last days of his life, Freddie insisted his band members to write him more songs so he could do it before he goes forever leaving behind his voice to the world who loved him.

The show must go on was one of his last songs he sang, which was released on 14th Oct, 1991. Just 6 weeks before he died of HIV/AIDS. Written mainly by Brian May, Stated Freddie as he was ill, if it would be possible for him to sing. Freddie said I’ll do it Darling after a Vodka Shot. The output of the song was simply shocking. Freddy Mercury was considered a god among singers, and he had an amazing near 5 octave range, (which apparently kept increasing with the years passing), but what was most impressive was his ability to jump from one end to the other effortlessly, without having a strain on his voice.

Today it’s been 24 Years he is gone, but his songs still live in the hearts of the people alive today. I would give the top ten songs of Freddie Mercury I personally am in love with. I’m sure you would love them if not by listening once, then certainly by listening to it multiple times and connecting your life with it.

Here goes the Rock star Songs You must listen.

  1.  "Bohemian Rhapsody" (from A Night at the Opera, 1975)
  2. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (from The Game, 1980)
  3. "We Will Rock You" (from News of the World, 1977)
  4. “Who wants to live forever” (from A Kind of Magic, 1986)
  5. “The show must go on” (from Innuendo, 1991)
  6. “Living on my own” (from Mr. Bad Guy, 1985)
  7. “Too much love will kill you” (from Made in Heaven, 1995) – Recorded before his death, released after his death as a tribute
  8. "Killer Queen" (from Sheer Heart Attack, 1974)
  9. "Another One Bites the Dust" (from The Game, 1980)
  10. "Don't Stop Me Now" (from Jazz, 1978)

I would list down more songs after I know how you all like the songs.

Freddie may be long gone, but his voice is in the universe forever. We miss you Freddie, if you get a chance come back to earth you are badly missed by your Fans.



Magic, not miracles

We are all aware what magic is. Being a child we have at least once been a part of a magic show, as children usually don’t know how things are happening and get fascinated by it.

Meaning of magic is the art or practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature. Usually we see magicians chanting the spells and doing something unusual which makes us say wow!

Here is the shortest story I would write which is not much to describe but just to let you know magicians can just do the magic, they cannot perform miracles.

I was just 6, when I visited a magic show of a magician called deep. He was a famous magician in the city amongst the kids, as he had lovely tact’s to perform and mingle with kids. We had been to some place for this huge magic show and as others I enjoyed it too. At the end of the show I got a chance to meet him because one of my teachers knew him and he met me too and asked me if I enjoyed it. I told him yes I did enjoy the show, but you really do magic? He said yes! Very confidently.

I told him alright, I told him if you are a real magician then there is a kid who is coming from far away and uses crutches to walk, can you make him walk without the crutches forever? That question stunned him and everyone around. He just smiled as he knew that the question I had was right, because he claims to do all kind of magic.

So I told myself that day these magicians can only do magic in disguise they cannot do miracles. If it was the case, this world would be perfect but they are not God. They are just entertainers.  

Act of Random Kindness – Part III

Thank you folks for reading my act of random kindness blogs, earlier I have written two blogs on the same theme and this is going to be the Part III. This theme may have many parts till the time I am going on scripting about my life practices. I don’t care if individuals are reading my blog or no for I know, the individuals who are going to read they will do it without saying. So here goes another story for the folks who are keen to read about others life and I am an open book will keep on writing the good and bad experiences of my life.

Act of Random Kindness – retold by me is an expression I heard in the movie Evan Almighty and that took me to my past when I was a child when I had done something called the ARK.? Probably I did not know what I did at that time but after watching the movie I just took up the word and choose to keep the word with me for life. The previous two blogs on ARK where on me, but this one would be a story of Kunjal and me.

Kunjal is too soft hearted, just like me she cannot see people in agony and misery. We share a common mannerism of helping the people in need to the level we can. It was long ago she told me we would go to an old age home and meet them. We would also ask the authorities what they need for them so we can carry it there and we would give aid in the way we can. Now aid does not only mean cash and she knows I am against giving cash for a simple reason, the money can be used but the goods given would be the goods used. So we choose to carry the things they needed like Sugar and milk in bulk.

I to visit many orphanage homes to give love to the little offspring out there and to spend some fun time with them. This time it was an old age home, my love wanted to visit. We reach the place which is in Bandra, Mumbai. This Old age home was only for the females. As we enter inside, we see some ladies sitting on the bench relaxing and talking to each other, Kunjal waves out to them and smiles. It’s a big compound we had to cross to reach the building. As we reach inside, we meet sister who was in charge that very moment. We let her know, that we have got some sugar and milk for them as requested. I keep the material on the table and we are asked to sit down. Then Kunjal asks if she could meet them inside and if she would not be disturbing them. Sister allowed her in, I was told to go inside but I did not go inside for a simple reason, I get attached to kids and old people too soon as I can’t see them the way they are.  

I see Kunjal sitting there with the females and talking, at the moment I did not know what she was speaking and I know she must be asking Questions? As she has the habit which is a good thing. I wait outside and sister comes in there and I always have a query for the authorities. Why are they here? Don’t they have a household? She said no son they do have a family, I myself don’t know why they are here, all I know is that we only have spinsters and widowers living here. I yet have not received a reply to my questions, hopefully I would one day get an answer one day! She said they have families and they do visit them as well.

Later on, one old lady came out and asked me are you the girl’s fiancé who is sitting inside. I said yes aunt I am. She took her hand on my head and blessed me and said have a good life. It felt so good when someone who does not know you says some words that mean nothing but gives us a hope of life and the feeling is good. Blessings Count.


It was more than half an hour and I don’t see Kunjal in there, so I get worried. I call her but she disconnects so I was ok, that she is fine and must be busy inside so she did not pick it up. She comes out and she tells me what all talks they had inside. And she said one aunty demanded for some creams and other stuff. I told her we would not be giving it to her, not for a reason that we don’t want to. We just did not want to create unnecessary problem in the home. Kunjal agrees to it.

We leave the place and we feel contended about the act of random kindness we achieved. I am sure we would keep on doing good things for the people who are in need and giving aid to the people in need is a good Aura. Gives you inner satisfaction by helping people whose family abandon them in such a cruel manner. We also come across people who are happy staying here than with their families. It’s all god’s call in life to whatever happens.

A small request to people, it’s an appeal start doing little act of random kindness for you would yourself feel good about the act you perform. If you have stories to share I would be glad to hear it and put it in words on this blog.

Happy Reading!!


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