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"Talisman" is a word suggested to me by my friend Abhishek Sharma and without delay i decided to use this word for this Domain. When I asked him what’s so special about this word, he said it’s your identity; you are a Talisman. A mysterious man who has so much of mystery inside which no one can know and he is right, somewhere I am a person who is an open book yet a mystery and I totally agree to what he said.

Dictionary meaning of Talisman means something that apparently has magic power and anything that exercises a powerful influence. I believe everyone has some magic power in them. As humans only have the occult powers, It’s only we who have to find that power within us.

Talisman is my identity now as more then my name, it’s this word that has become the word, which makes me known in this world.Talisman began being mysterious and it continues to be the same to the world. As for me my life is mysterious too and so it has to be mysterious to the world.

Same as me this website is a talisman and always will be full of mysteries. Its just began yet this website and the users to the website have to encounter a lot to know me till my last breathe. My mind works not only on my mystery but on the mysteries of the world.

This website firstly is dedicated to my Parents and my elder sister Benaifer who taught me a lot in life and gave me the strength to face this mysterious world. The credit goes to my lovely friends who always stood by me not only in the superior times but also in the horrific phase of my life. One of the finest individual is Deep Shah who is just like my younger brother and my heart beat.

And finally the spirit who gave me such a beautiful life to live in.

So stay tuned with the website in your Favorites and it shall rock soon with its work.

God bless you all.

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