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Blog posts October 2011

My Guru

I am sure everyone has one Guru, who changes our lives for something better. 

There are different definitions of a guru according to different people.

My Guru – Father James.

Who was my vice principal in Saint Mary’s School, Rajkot. I joined Saint Mary’s School in the 7th Standard. I was very terrible at the Gujarati Language, where reading and writing was concerned. I could converse in Gujarati but that too in the intonation we Parsi’s converse. He came to know that I was new …

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The Japanese User

This blog probably won’t be as long as the others because I want to share my experience which was quite short with the Japanese user.

I work with the Projects team in MphasiS under the PCLM (PC Lifecycle Management) and my work is to help the users to migrate the data from their old computer to the new one when the old computer goes out of warranty and they receive a replacement computer.  This user was a Japanese user and his name was Toshioki Hirono. Talking to him I was amazed by the com…

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The Stage

                When the word stage strikes our mind, there are quite a few possibilities of what it can be. It can be at school; it can be at work and it can be at home and many more. But for me, where on earth i stand becomes the stage for me. For i trust life is one stage where we got to go ahead and perform our responsibilities and take the authority in life to make others become conscious what we are proficient with.

                I consider one stage which made me well-known w…

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