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The Cause I Really Believe In

Contribution to the society is one significant need in this world. It can be any kind of contribution but the real deal is getting cheerfulness out of the contribution.

                 I believe in contributing to the poor and the needy. I chose one place where I always contribute in return I get their smile which brings tears to my eyes. For there is no one who they can call their own and no one to whom they can expect something. They always wait for an angel to come there and give them th…

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My Favourite Place on the Planet

 Till date there have been only few places in India

which I have visited. Every place has left some consciousness on my heart.  I never neglect to visit some places when I visit those cities.

                The most favorite place on this planet is the Arabian sea  which surrounds Bombay. Now what makes it the favorite place on the planet for me? This is something mysterious for me too as sometimes I get confused what is it with the sea which pulls me to it every time I am in Bombay. I…

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Inauspicious Field

This is a story of the school I studied in for 7 years which was Saint Mary’s School. This school gave me almost everything a student could get. Good academic career and good sports career and famous in the school for cultural activities.

                There use to be a sports field where I started playing Basketball in the 7th grade under the guidance of Fr. James and he was the sole person to guide me through and make me go till the district level.


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How to rupture aggravation

                There are millions of ideas of fight your aggravation. Every individual can have great ideas by which it makes it a million. Ill provide with some notes which can be helpful in fighting your stress in life.  First of all find out the things which give you joy, after that gather all the materials which is needed to fulfil the joy. Here follows some of my ways of rupturing aggravation.

               My first ever weapon was “MUSIC”. This started when I had …

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My Inscription

                 It started while my lips stopped talking and my words became my language.  They took me for a traverse and this was a roller coaster ride for me ever since then.  It completed my monotonous expedition of life fascinating and stunning. I learn t my life with my beliefs which was just mine and I never imposed my beliefs on a person but somewhere those evolved from the legitimacy of my life which no one in this cosmos could amend.

                My words are …

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Happy Valentines Day

                14th February, a day every individual waits for who has a fragment of love in their heart. A day they distribute their feelings with their loved ones.  Love is a momentous feeling which is shared by every life form on this planet in dissimilar forms. Love is an emotion to be felt by the heart and touched by the spirit, love is eternal when it’s true. Love can never be proved for love is celestial and it cannot be offended. Valentines is solitary day when you can un…

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Welcome To Talisman Fardi

Welcome to the world of Mysterious Persian. 

This is just not a website put into words, but my heart which i am jotting down.  This may include just real life experiences and thoughts which come to my Mysterious mind by looking at incidents too. This started when i was at my adolescence when loneliness became my best friend and took me to the real world of experience which made me a cultivated human. I started with my doltish writing but they were my life and in the course of time it go…

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