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My Imaginary Pet

I am an animal lover since i was a child. There are some good and bad incidents which have happened with me due to some animals but it never took me away from them. Ill share some of the incidents and how my imaginative pet came into an existence in my mind.

            Till the age of 9 i was bitten by two different dogs on the left side of my body. Once on my hand, second time on the feet and the third time on my thigh. The other incident happened on my way to college. As usual i was at a …

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When i look in the mirror

Mirror is woman’s best friend generally for teenage girls and beautiful women who spend lots of time looking in the mirror admiring her beauty and all the nooks and corners of her body. New clothes, new jewellery some soft toys and some soft toys. They hold these things on to their body and admire that stuff on them and start praising themselves. As per my research on mirrors and girls I found a common thing between girls in USA and INDIA. The common thing was an Apple Iphone and the Mirror betw…

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My Procreator

Rohinton Framroz Hormazji Dastoor Meherjirana, One of my producers and my greatest inspiration in my life. A commerce graduate and a banker by occupation.

                I’ve never seen a straight forward individual like my dad and may be because of his straight forward nature I am one individual who does not like to do anything immoral nor likes to speak lies. These are some merits I got from my dad.  Many more merits I have from my dad. According to the stories told by my mom, before the …

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My only Sibling - Benaifer

                She is not only my sister but life of our family. Her name is Benaifer who wedded a Merchant Navy Officer and has a charming mischievous kid named Areez. She is 8 years elder to me and the only daughter in the entire family, so that makes her the only sister in the family. This makes her the most lovable in the family.

                I don’t remember too many instances me and my sister shared being kids as she was away from home studying in Bombay from the 7…

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My Mom - My Life

Everyone has a unique story of what a mother can be, like everyone else I too have a story of my mom.  I am trying to put this into words but I am sure this will be a small place to show the elegance in perfection about her.

                She was born on 11th September, An ordinary day till the world trade centre was hit by the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and this date became popular and it became easier to make others remember her birth date.  Before she got married on 5th

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Cafe Coffee Day acquaintance

Long time back when I was in the 1st year of college when me and my best friend often visited Cafe Coffee Day after the college hours.  This was our new hangout place where we eventually spent some time giggling around and talking about all the crazy things teens talk.

                I was a passionate admirer of Caffeine Kick which is a black coffee. I was taught how to enjoy the taste of black coffee by one of the person I took as my Guru.  There i saw a person working in the cafe. Alway…

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Woman's Day

Today is International Woman’s day which is celebrated all over the world on the 8th March. It was first observed in 1909.  

                Woman’s day is celebrated to facilitate all the women around the world for good work in all the fields they have flourished. It always was that women faced different torments through which she stood tall as always. Never to forget women is the origin of a child. That child which grows up and insults the same women. The facts have to be clear in the mi…

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Readers inclination

Its been constantly that i have been writing my own aspiration and expressing my own opinion. Its time i ask all the readers on this platform to give me some ideas on some topics they want me to inscribe.

                I want to research some of the topics given by you all and it can be anything. Questions, thoughts or anything they have in their mind and want the answer for. This will be a pleasant familiarity for me to get into your feelings.

                So i would…

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Battle examination anxiety

 This piece of work is only for my students who are going through their board examination and want to reduce the nervousness of their examination during this era.

                Examinations go on for a long duration of time, especially the boards. There are quite a couple of ways you can fight this anxiety.

                These worries about the examinations come in two ways. First way it enters the mind filling in fears because the time of examinations appear and s…

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