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Blog posts June 2011

Blood Donation

I read it on a poster which was pasted on the wall which said: “YOU ARE A BLOOD OWNER, BE A BLOOD DONOR.” – Which is one inspirational line to boost the moral of the blood donor.

             I have come across many friends and family who say that they have donated the blood and they always do it every three months. It’s been a while when I was trying to donate my blood but because of my health I was never able to donate blood. Blood donation is a noble cause because there are patients…

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The spirit i met

We often hear people saying that they saw a person who is already dead and they call it spirit. It’s always said that they person who is close to your life can be seen once in your life. These things have many reasons to it which cannot be defined as it directly is connected with your state of mind.

                This is a story about me when I was in the 5th standard studying in Barnes high school, Devlali which is a famous Boarding school. This school is famous for three …

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