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4 Octave Vocal Range – Legend Freddie Mercury

There are times when people ask me looking at the wallpaper on my cell phone and also on my computer who is Freddie Mercury and why are you crazy about him. The first thing I speak to them is that he is a Legend of Rock. A star that diminished years ago in 1991 but in 2014 too his voice is a masterpiece no one can replace. He is the lead singer of the Band “QUEEN”.  Still people are not convinced who is he. I ask them one question, have you heard the song called we will rock you? The immediate a…

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My Job Versus My Passion

Everyone who wants to survive in this world and not stay hungry would be working for a living. May it be a self owned business or a job.  Out of which some would just be considering their job as the only thing to do in life as their prime importance. Someone would also have a passion for something to do along with his or her job.

I have a job where I am working for the service desk and working for a US process where my job timings start from evening. At first I only concentrated on my job, as …

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ARK – Art of Random Kindness

This word was known from one of the Hollywood movies a long time ago and they called it ARK – Art of random kindness that makes me feel nostalgic of my childhood memories.

In life we see a lot of things that might hurt us to even see someone suffering in life or also to see someone who is so poor that they have to beg to survive. Every human being goes through a series of pain and come out of it. Being humans we always think to help someone or the other for some little things, which might not…

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Toughest goodbyes

It's said what’s born has to die, what comes has to go. Everything is temporary in this world. One day it has to perish, it’s the rule of the universe.

Considering some examples of good byes we face in our life from childhood till we perish forever.

Let’s start with the first day of play school. when our creators come to drop you at the class door and they bid you the first goodbye for the day.

Is this the toughest goodbye??

Last day of school when you have tons of memories with scho…

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Reunion after 18 Years

It’s said there is “NOTHING LIKE REUNIONS.”

I totally agree with these words now. As there happened to be an unplanned reunion with an old friend out of the blue.

What are re-unions? They are merely a meeting of school friends, Collage mates, Colleagues, meeting of acquaintances again without reasons and many more relations of meeting back way after time has passed. Reunions are basically meeting people who were an integral part of your life once upon a time. 


Reunions basically in…

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