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The banyan tree

We all recognize the Banyan tree which is the national tree of India. It is said to be an immortal tree. In India you hear a lot about the banyan tree for being divine, having spirits in it which are good spirits, bad spirits or mischievous spirit – It can be a home to much more then we can think of or much more then we have heard of. I have also heard elders affirming do not play near the banyan tree after sunsets because the spirits rouse at that time.


The Tree Circled is …

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Rose Cookies Anyone

Rose cookies is an Anglo Indian Cookie, which is preferred among the Indian Christians. It is commonly made during the Christmas season. Do you recall the last time you have had a delicious Rose cookies?

Here is one tale almost 20 years old going back to the most loved school by all who have studies there at Barnes High School, Devlali. I could go on and on scripting about the events at School in the span of 3 years that I have spent there. This tale is not too big but just a mere sweet event t…

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How to save a life

How to save a life is a remarkable song by The Fray but I am not going to inscribe about what memorandum the song transmits, you can surely find out the hundreds of documents on the internet that will explain you the same.

How to save a life? This query would have numerous replies if we ask any humanoid how they would protect a life. The answers would be I would help them with the emotional intellect, I would make a person comprehend if they are on an erroneous track and they are ruining their …

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Changing Christmas Times

Today is 25th December 2014, which we rejoice as Jesus Christ’s Birthday. The day which starts from Christmas eve wishing each other Happy Christmas Eve and goes around till mid night when folks wish each other the merry day attending the mid-night mass followed by the lovely cake and some wine. This merry day is so joyous that it goes on and on till it’s 31st December for the changing time of 23:59:59 when the clocks strikes 0:00 to wish everybody a very happy new year.

This Write up came …

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