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The cartoons I grew up watching

Way back in the 1980’s when there were VCRs which were into action and I was too obsessed with it came into picture something called as Cartoons. As a child, everyone would have their favorite cartoon to be their best buddy and have it all day long played for millions of times which would be fun for the kid, but a headache for the parents. I recall some of the cartoons I grew up watching and still have the fascination for.

The first cartoon I am about the describe would be the cartoon no indi…

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My Incomplete Struggle

Life was never an easy charge. May it be the 18th Century or the 21st, Life at different times had different encounters to face in demand to endure the stress-free spoken hard-hitting lived word called “TIME”. In the 21st century where clash is gigantic and the rate of accomplishment is negligible, we think of well-off people to have accomplished things years back because we in our sanities to think that it was a easy cake walk for them in that period when they began with. I’m sure it was no…

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