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Magic, not miracles

We are all aware what magic is. Being a child we have at least once been a part of a magic show, as children usually don’t know how things are happening and get fascinated by it.

Meaning of magic is the art or practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature. Usually we see magicians chanting the spells and doing something unusual which makes us say wow!

Here is the shortest story I would write which is not much to descri…

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Act of Random Kindness – Part III

Thank you folks for reading my act of random kindness blogs, earlier I have written two blogs on the same theme and this is going to be the Part III. This theme may have many parts till the time I am going on scripting about my life practices. I don’t care if individuals are reading my blog or no for I know, the individuals who are going to read they will do it without saying. So here goes another story for the folks who are keen to read about others life and I am an open book will keep on writi…

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365 days last year

Every year this theme can be written, but it would be more interesting if the previous 365 days of your life has transformed its significance forever. I would start this story with 31st December last year when I was in Mumbai, for my cousin’s engagement this day and we all were happy for the function. The entire day went in the merriment till evening. In the morning we carried on the ceremonies of exchanging clothes which sister-in-law would wear for the function in the afternoon. In the afterno…

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