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Unpublished Writings

Every writer in their lifetime have certain writings which never came up to the world for a specific reason. Those reasons are only known to the writer, they were written for a purpose but did not make it to the readers for ambiguity.

A writer always has his mind running on certain thoughts to write something. When I get a good line which may be incomplete but I would write it down somewhere to make it a quote or a blog out of the thought. At times those written lines are never completed beca…

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Why do I Blog

Earlier periods and even now people have the practice of lettering their private journal which they keep it furtively to them, which has sequence of actions in day to day lifetime. May be significant or inconsequential. I too had this practice of writing my journal with all senseless linguistic which made no sagacity at all. I would say for a matter of fact I did not even construct sentences, they were just pointers as a memory of what I did. Ultimately I stopped writing on paper.

I started w…

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