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Beyond : Life by Mradul Singhal

It’s been 3 years I quit inscription on this piece of my emotion but somehow, I did not let this website die and held in reserve, waiting for a purpose to write something which would actually make some sense. I decided to write back on 13-May-2020 which is the birthdate of our friend Late Mradul Singhal who left for the heavenly abode in an accident which was heart breaking to many of us all who knew him and specially to his family and very close folks.

Let’s jump with what this blog actually…

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Psychedelic Vocals

Where do Psychedelic’s get the vocal lyrics from was my main question when I heard the power packed definitions about the song and the way they described the meaning of the songs.

Psychedelic trance, often referred to as psytrance, is a form of trance music that developed from goa trance in the early 1990s. Trance generally has a fast tempo, in the range 140 to 150 beats per minute (bpm). 

It is not at all an easy task to find out where are the vocals from. They can be original or they …

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Speakers go to war

Alright Folks!! Let’s start by saying. It’s not about any speakers who make an hour long lecture on the dais without the familiarity of what they are saying, untruthful assurances and empty words which bring no good to anyone. It’s my understanding. You are free to pour your observation out. Overlook it why am I even concerned to write about something which I am not interested in.

Let me start again by saying, this is about the speakers which blast music. First it was the Walkman, follow…

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Super Cheers

Cheers has always been the word when people share a drink in a pair or a group. There have been many different lines we all use while clinking the glasses. The most I have heard with friends saying is Cheers to the wounds that never heal; there are many such lines to state and may be in a different post I shall come up with all such lines which are fun to hear and say.

Cheers may have different stories to why such a word is being used while having a drink. Let me bring up one of the stories w…

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Unpublished Writings

Every writer in their lifetime have certain writings which never came up to the world for a specific reason. Those reasons are only known to the writer, they were written for a purpose but did not make it to the readers for ambiguity.

A writer always has his mind running on certain thoughts to write something. When I get a good line which may be incomplete but I would write it down somewhere to make it a quote or a blog out of the thought. At times those written lines are never completed beca…

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Why do I Blog

Earlier periods and even now people have the practice of lettering their private journal which they keep it furtively to them, which has sequence of actions in day to day lifetime. May be significant or inconsequential. I too had this practice of writing my journal with all senseless linguistic which made no sagacity at all. I would say for a matter of fact I did not even construct sentences, they were just pointers as a memory of what I did. Ultimately I stopped writing on paper.

I started w…

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Throw back – Freddie Mercury

24th November, 2015 – Way back on the same day 1991, the world mourned the death of the most flamboyant Rock star Freddie Mercury.  It’s his 24th Death Anniversary today and since 1992 this day is always been a tribute to him all over the world.

He knew those were the last days of his life, Freddie insisted his band members to write him more songs so he could do it before he goes forever leaving behind his voice to the world who loved him.

The show must go on was one of his last…

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Magic, not miracles

We are all aware what magic is. Being a child we have at least once been a part of a magic show, as children usually don’t know how things are happening and get fascinated by it.

Meaning of magic is the art or practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature. Usually we see magicians chanting the spells and doing something unusual which makes us say wow!

Here is the shortest story I would write which is not much to descri…

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Act of Random Kindness – Part III

Thank you folks for reading my act of random kindness blogs, earlier I have written two blogs on the same theme and this is going to be the Part III. This theme may have many parts till the time I am going on scripting about my life practices. I don’t care if individuals are reading my blog or no for I know, the individuals who are going to read they will do it without saying. So here goes another story for the folks who are keen to read about others life and I am an open book will keep on writi…

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365 days last year

Every year this theme can be written, but it would be more interesting if the previous 365 days of your life has transformed its significance forever. I would start this story with 31st December last year when I was in Mumbai, for my cousin’s engagement this day and we all were happy for the function. The entire day went in the merriment till evening. In the morning we carried on the ceremonies of exchanging clothes which sister-in-law would wear for the function in the afternoon. In the afterno…

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The banyan tree

We all recognize the Banyan tree which is the national tree of India. It is said to be an immortal tree. In India you hear a lot about the banyan tree for being divine, having spirits in it which are good spirits, bad spirits or mischievous spirit – It can be a home to much more then we can think of or much more then we have heard of. I have also heard elders affirming do not play near the banyan tree after sunsets because the spirits rouse at that time.


The Tree Circled is …

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Rose Cookies Anyone

Rose cookies is an Anglo Indian Cookie, which is preferred among the Indian Christians. It is commonly made during the Christmas season. Do you recall the last time you have had a delicious Rose cookies?

Here is one tale almost 20 years old going back to the most loved school by all who have studies there at Barnes High School, Devlali. I could go on and on scripting about the events at School in the span of 3 years that I have spent there. This tale is not too big but just a mere sweet event t…

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How to save a life

How to save a life is a remarkable song by The Fray but I am not going to inscribe about what memorandum the song transmits, you can surely find out the hundreds of documents on the internet that will explain you the same.

How to save a life? This query would have numerous replies if we ask any humanoid how they would protect a life. The answers would be I would help them with the emotional intellect, I would make a person comprehend if they are on an erroneous track and they are ruining their …

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Changing Christmas Times

Today is 25th December 2014, which we rejoice as Jesus Christ’s Birthday. The day which starts from Christmas eve wishing each other Happy Christmas Eve and goes around till mid night when folks wish each other the merry day attending the mid-night mass followed by the lovely cake and some wine. This merry day is so joyous that it goes on and on till it’s 31st December for the changing time of 23:59:59 when the clocks strikes 0:00 to wish everybody a very happy new year.

This Write up came …

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Art of random kindness - Part II

This would be the second time I would be mentioning this word, ARK - Act of random kindness. It’s such a simple sentence but at times, we humans find it difficult to execute this harmless act which needs courage to perform. I am sure you must be thinking, why I am saying it needs courage to perform. This blog would make you understand what I actually mean.

I thought a zillion times, before I could write this blog as readers are the best critics and I wondered people would laugh on reading thi…

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The blind and his faith

It is believed that places of devotion have firm supremacies which one senses when they enter and it would not be immoral to say I feel it as well. I may not be too pious but undoubtedly do have belief in the extreme power. The power that is never seen or heard but do exist in the form of some feeling we now and then feel within us for some purpose. It is said “Believe in the invisible” which actually today’s world would not follow which is precise; why to trust something you don’t see. But pu…

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Walk at the Graveyard!

A place that not too many are charmed with is a graveyard. It’s a place the deceased rest in harmony endlessly leaving the world and relaxing with god for perpetuity. Death is the last choice, probably there may exist a life after death that I am not certain of. But we cannot critic whatsoever as no one knows what occurs after the soul departs for God’s blissful Abode.


 My pal Benedict Vincent Solomon, we share a love hate relationship when it comes to our bond. We fight l…

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Late-night times on Mumbai Roads

It’s been practically 28 years, I’ve heard this phrase which says “Mumbai – The city that never sleeps.” It was an insignificant desire I wanted to accomplish just to give my soul some happiness and finally I could do this on one weekend. It was 12.45 am when I met one of my friend who continuously guaranteed me to take me places out on the roads in Mumbai at darkness. I always kept telling him I wish to stray around doing just nothing but stray myself on the roads like a free bird.

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Demise of Dr. Homi Dastur

તબીબજગતના ભીષ્‍મપિતામહ ડો. હોમી દસ્‍તુરની ચિરવિદાય

ડો. દસ્‍તુર ૧૯૫૯થી જનરલ સર્જન તરીકે દર્દીઓની સેવા કરતા હતા : ભાવનગર સિવિલ સર્જનના સ્‍થાનેથી રાજકોટ બદલી પામ્‍યા હતા રાજકોટ સરકારી હોસ્‍પિટલના સિવિલ સર્જન તરીકે નિવૃત્ત થઇ કાયમ માટે અહીં જ સ્‍થાયી થઇ ગયા : તબીબી વ્‍યવસાય સાથે સંકળાયેલુ સમગ્ર દસ્‍તુર પરિવાર સિધ્‍ધાંતમાં સિમાચિન્‍હરૂપ : હોમી દસ્‍તુર ક્રિકેટના જબરા ચાહક હતા : આજે સવારે ક્રિકેટ મેચ નિહાળતા નિહાળત…

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The cartoons I grew up watching

Way back in the 1980’s when there were VCRs which were into action and I was too obsessed with it came into picture something called as Cartoons. As a child, everyone would have their favorite cartoon to be their best buddy and have it all day long played for millions of times which would be fun for the kid, but a headache for the parents. I recall some of the cartoons I grew up watching and still have the fascination for.

The first cartoon I am about the describe would be the cartoon no indi…

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