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365 days last year

Every year this theme can be written, but it would be more interesting if the previous 365 days of your life has transformed its significance forever. I would start this story with 31st December last year when I was in Mumbai, for my cousin’s engagement this day and we all were happy for the function. The entire day went in the merriment till evening. In the morning we carried on the ceremonies of exchanging clothes which sister-in-law would wear for the function in the afternoon. In the afternoon we carry on the engagement and the day was called off as the rituals and the engagement was over. In the evening I told mom I would be going to spend the 31st eve with Kunjal and her family. I did not tell anyone where I was going as no one in the house knew about the new act of my life apart from my family.

Scene 1:

Evening by 6 I leave for Chembur, where she stays. I reach her place and it’s time butterflies started to revolve in my stomach. As it was for the first time I would be going to a girl’s house, specially the one who I love and I would be married too. As this moment no one knew what was going to happen. I have a box of sweets for her dad and a good scotch for her brother and yes how can I forget a little gift for Kunjal’s nephew. I enter the house and meet her dad first and I give the sweets to him. I was feeling a bit nervous as it was something never experienced before story. Kunjal and I sit at the couch and talk, where her dad took one picture of both of us, who knew this photo could be forever. The later part his brother comes home and I meet him, give him the gift I bought for him. After a while her sister in law comes home and I meet her and the little kid. Finally the family meeting was over, there was no one else I had to meet that day. We carry on the talks and have food. Kunal tells me I’m sorry I can’t offer you any booze as I avoid drinking when he is home to which I replied it does not matter, I am having a good time here. We all mingled with each other and we had lots of talks over different stuff, I finally was satisfied that everyone was good. As especially I was told by Kunjal, that my brother has not meet any of my male friends as of now and you would be the first one. I was like not an issue. Ill manage that.

Its 0:00 Hours when we wish each other a happy new year and I get a lovely kiss from my sweetheart which I did not dare to give it to her at home when for the first time I was going to meet them all. I take a cab back home and I marked this day a good start to the New Year.

Scene 2:

It is the 1st day of the year 2014 and we were free at home as my cousin’s wedding was on the 2nd. I take permission from mom to let me go out for a while in the evening so I could go ahead and meet Kunjal. I leave house and we meet at Carter road, which is ideally our meeting place before we were hooked up. We sit at a restaurant which is an open air restaurant at Carters. She tags me along with her on Facebook and she asks me to accept the tag, which I did. To my surprise my Boarding school friend Vishal messages me on Facebook asking me if I am in Mumbai and I told him yes buddy I am. He asked me to stay there as he saw the tag where I was. He comes and does nothing but abuses as I was in Mumbai and I did not let him know and he stays at Carters. We meet after 18 long years because of the tag which Kunjal created. Best thing that happened that day.

Scene 3:

14th February is the day when Kunjal was coming to Pune. I was at work and I went to pick her up and dropped her home and I went back to work. While going I told her to open the drawer in which I had kept a letter for her in which were all the surprises. Finally she gets all the surprises and then I call her to let her know in the inner drawer there is a big surprise for her. She gets to the drawer and gets the gift out she opens it and says are you kidding me. I said no it’s for you only. It was a heart shaped pendent. It was the best Valentine’s Day we have ever had.

Scene 4:

1st June as decided was the day her family was going to come here to meet my family and decide the dates for our engagement. Kunal, Jyoti and Ayushman came home by 11 am as they were in Pune for Vacation. Kunjal and her dad got stuck on the Express way due to some protest by the political groups. They came by and we picked them up and went to the temple as it was her dad’s wish. We did that and then we headed home. We had food as all of us were hungry and then later we finalized the dates for our engagement.

Scene 5:

We go to Mumbai the next month and we go to buy the Saree for Kunjal which she would wear for the engagement. We went to buy a Parsi Gara for her. They saw some Gara’s and out of which Kunjal selected the red one which she would wear on the engagement day. It was a lovely time spent there as finally we were preparing for our engagement.

Scent 6:

It’s 4th October, the date which was proposed as the day when we will be engaged. This was the day both the families were correspondingly happy. We were waiting for this day when we twin flames would dwell in one soul forever. This was the best part of the last 365 days. We exchanges rings, drank, danced and enjoyed to the fullest. Finally we had rings in our hand of our commitment.

Scene 7:

It is Diwali time, Kunjal had holidays at work so she comes here to stay for some days. Every evening Kunjal would light the Diya’s outside the house and we also made some different types of foods that is made during the Festival. Kunjal also came to Magarpatta to witness the fire work show that happens every year. When she went back we were not liking as she is a part of the family now.

Scene 8:

14th December, The birthday surprise that I get from my love was totally incredible. I would separately write about the same in a different blog but the surprise was the ultimate one which I have never got in my life.

Scene 9:

31st December, She comes to Pune for an interview and after she is done with it, we go to Malaka spice which is one of my favorite restaurants for lunch. She always heard of it but I could never take her there. It was time I would have taken her to the best place for the New Year eve’s lunch. We had a lovely lunch and little talks which made our day.

I have just given an summary of what happened in the last 365 days of my last year which were special, because Kunjal and her family became a part of my life forever, Typically you get friends during the course of our life but always their families don’t become a part of our life but this was something special. A part of my life which will make a beautiful story in our life. Normally this last 365 days were full of fun, ups and downs, laughter, joys and sorrows but they were totally different from any other 365 days.





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