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4 Octave Vocal Range – Legend Freddie Mercury

There are times when people ask me looking at the wallpaper on my cell phone and also on my computer who is Freddie Mercury and why are you crazy about him. The first thing I speak to them is that he is a Legend of Rock. A star that diminished years ago in 1991 but in 2014 too his voice is a masterpiece no one can replace. He is the lead singer of the Band “QUEEN”.  Still people are not convinced who is he. I ask them one question, have you heard the song called we will rock you? The immediate answer is YES! There you are I say; now he is no more a stranger to you. You may have heard the song but not know who the singer is.



Let me give a small introduction. He is a Parsi born in Zanzibar with the Name Farrokh Bulsara. Parents Jer and Bomi Bulsara. His sister’s name is Kashmira.

He studied in India at two places, Mumbai and in Panchgani where he took his initial lessons in piano. Going back to UK he started his music Career after studying music and the first ever live performance he gave before joining queen was Jailhouse rock By Elvis Presley, while performing this he was too nervous being his first performance.


Freddie was a shy person in real, while on stage he would mesmerize the crowd with his flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals over a four-octave range. His live performances were filled with packed audience who come to witness the legend. In Wembley he mesmerized the stadium if you see his live aid concert way back in 1985, the way he handles the crowd and the crowd enjoys the soul of his voice.


At first Freddie Mercury’s songs would sound boring. But if you hear the songs with your soul, you will know what music meant to him in life. He called himself a Musical prostitute in his first interview.  He hated getting interviewed. But yet he did. He was not too open to media. As I said in real life he was a shy human being. It was just the stage that made him electrified to perform or actually outperform himself leaving behind all the rockers of his time.


Freddie Mercury is one of the singers with 4 Octave Vocal Range, which was way beyond the normal vocal range of singers, which made him look different from the other rock singers. He is called a legend in music Industry and till date he is one of the greatest singers in Rock History but no one knows why. There is no specific reason of him being a legend but may be the way he wrote his songs and performed them on stage made him a Rockstar Legend.


I would list some songs that you should listen to understand Freddie’s 4 Octave Vocal Range. And listen to them in the reverse order.


  1. Bohemian rhapsody 
  2. We will rock you
  3. Killer queen
  4. Don’t stop me now
  5. Who wants to live forever
  6. The show must go on
  7. Living on my own


There are many more which proves him to be the legend with the king of pop Michael Jackson where he sang two songs with him named: State of shock and there must be more to life then this. Where state of shock out-stands in the two songs.


He is the greatest singer for me no matter what. I know it would not matter to someone who does not know him but I bet you, listen to the songs and understand them you would not fall back not to have him on the play list everyday. As his songs are positive and power packed with great lyrics. He was just not a singer but a pianist and also a songwriter. If people love Justin bieber you cant ignore this legend.


You see a Statue of Freddie Mercury in Montreux, Switzerland as a tribute to the legend.


Personal note that is witnessed by me and nowhere found on Google. In pune there is a Freddie mercury statue in Hard Rock Café. I am not aware where else in HRC is the same statue of him but I was amazed to see the statue here and it gave me a lovely pleasure to see the legend.


I would like to showcase his signature, which was flamboyant as he was on stage.

Signature Courtesy: Wikipedia


Legend Said: Mom told me i could be anything, I became a legend.

You can hear one of his songs on my website as it starts. Enjoy.





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