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Act of Random Kindness – Part III

Thank you folks for reading my act of random kindness blogs, earlier I have written two blogs on the same theme and this is going to be the Part III. This theme may have many parts till the time I am going on scripting about my life practices. I don’t care if individuals are reading my blog or no for I know, the individuals who are going to read they will do it without saying. So here goes another story for the folks who are keen to read about others life and I am an open book will keep on writing the good and bad experiences of my life.

Act of Random Kindness – retold by me is an expression I heard in the movie Evan Almighty and that took me to my past when I was a child when I had done something called the ARK.? Probably I did not know what I did at that time but after watching the movie I just took up the word and choose to keep the word with me for life. The previous two blogs on ARK where on me, but this one would be a story of Kunjal and me.

Kunjal is too soft hearted, just like me she cannot see people in agony and misery. We share a common mannerism of helping the people in need to the level we can. It was long ago she told me we would go to an old age home and meet them. We would also ask the authorities what they need for them so we can carry it there and we would give aid in the way we can. Now aid does not only mean cash and she knows I am against giving cash for a simple reason, the money can be used but the goods given would be the goods used. So we choose to carry the things they needed like Sugar and milk in bulk.

I to visit many orphanage homes to give love to the little offspring out there and to spend some fun time with them. This time it was an old age home, my love wanted to visit. We reach the place which is in Bandra, Mumbai. This Old age home was only for the females. As we enter inside, we see some ladies sitting on the bench relaxing and talking to each other, Kunjal waves out to them and smiles. It’s a big compound we had to cross to reach the building. As we reach inside, we meet sister who was in charge that very moment. We let her know, that we have got some sugar and milk for them as requested. I keep the material on the table and we are asked to sit down. Then Kunjal asks if she could meet them inside and if she would not be disturbing them. Sister allowed her in, I was told to go inside but I did not go inside for a simple reason, I get attached to kids and old people too soon as I can’t see them the way they are.  

I see Kunjal sitting there with the females and talking, at the moment I did not know what she was speaking and I know she must be asking Questions? As she has the habit which is a good thing. I wait outside and sister comes in there and I always have a query for the authorities. Why are they here? Don’t they have a household? She said no son they do have a family, I myself don’t know why they are here, all I know is that we only have spinsters and widowers living here. I yet have not received a reply to my questions, hopefully I would one day get an answer one day! She said they have families and they do visit them as well.

Later on, one old lady came out and asked me are you the girl’s fiancé who is sitting inside. I said yes aunt I am. She took her hand on my head and blessed me and said have a good life. It felt so good when someone who does not know you says some words that mean nothing but gives us a hope of life and the feeling is good. Blessings Count.


It was more than half an hour and I don’t see Kunjal in there, so I get worried. I call her but she disconnects so I was ok, that she is fine and must be busy inside so she did not pick it up. She comes out and she tells me what all talks they had inside. And she said one aunty demanded for some creams and other stuff. I told her we would not be giving it to her, not for a reason that we don’t want to. We just did not want to create unnecessary problem in the home. Kunjal agrees to it.

We leave the place and we feel contended about the act of random kindness we achieved. I am sure we would keep on doing good things for the people who are in need and giving aid to the people in need is a good Aura. Gives you inner satisfaction by helping people whose family abandon them in such a cruel manner. We also come across people who are happy staying here than with their families. It’s all god’s call in life to whatever happens.

A small request to people, it’s an appeal start doing little act of random kindness for you would yourself feel good about the act you perform. If you have stories to share I would be glad to hear it and put it in words on this blog.

Happy Reading!!


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