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ARK – Art of Random Kindness

This word was known from one of the Hollywood movies a long time ago and they called it ARK – Art of random kindness that makes me feel nostalgic of my childhood memories.

In life we see a lot of things that might hurt us to even see someone suffering in life or also to see someone who is so poor that they have to beg to survive. Every human being goes through a series of pain and come out of it. Being humans we always think to help someone or the other for some little things, which might not mean anything to us but for them it might mean the world.

One of my childhood memories that I remember is an Art of random kindness.

I was one brat in my childhood and I had all the necessary toys that a child needed to play in the childhood. I was in a boarding school when all my toys were kept in a trunk by mom to keep it safe for the next time I come home in holidays and mess the trunk up. This trunk was kept safely in the balcony and my house was on the main road and as we are all aware, tea is a common roadside joint in India, where a poor person would just have a small table on which he will have his necessary equipment’s to prepare tea for earning his living. Same case scenario, there use to be a tea joint by the road side under the Press where this fellow would make tea and serve to everyone coming by his side. One day I was playing on the footpath, where this little kid of that chai-wala comes to me and asks me for the toy I was playing. That was obvious I did not give him my toy as till date I am possessive about my things and I don’t even like it if someone touches or asks for it.

After a few days I was loitering on my balcony and this little chap would stare at me with a pity face, as he had no toys to play. It made me feel a bit upset at the age of 9. I open my trunk to see if there was something I did not play with and was just dusting around for no reason. After a huge thought I shout out to that guy to come down my balcony and he did not know why. He comes down to ask me, Yeah What! I told him I have something for you and he was dumb struck as to what I was talking. I throw down some toys around 8 to 9 toys and he fetches them and takes it to the other side of the road and with a big smile tells his dad for what he got. This was my childhood ART OF RANDOM KINDNESS!

One-day mom opens the trunk to see no toys in the trunk and asks me where the toys were. I told her I gave it away to the boy on the other side of the road and she promptly questioned me why. I had just one thing to tell her, mom I have so many toys and I’ve played enough with them and I don’t need it anymore. He is poor and has no money to buy toys. I am sure mom would have said something to me by seeing my ARK, but to be honest I don’t remember it anymore.

I feel everyone at least once in life follows ARK. I would like some more stories on ARK by the readers and I would like to put them up too. Feel free to email me the same.

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