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Art of random kindness - Part II

This would be the second time I would be mentioning this word, ARK - Act of random kindness. It’s such a simple sentence but at times, we humans find it difficult to execute this harmless act which needs courage to perform. I am sure you must be thinking, why I am saying it needs courage to perform. This blog would make you understand what I actually mean.

I thought a zillion times, before I could write this blog as readers are the best critics and I wondered people would laugh on reading this because not everybody would do the thing I did. It was a Sunday and I was out on a unimportant drive in the city where I stood on the side of the road actually doing nothing but just taking some stop before I could think what I should do next. I was actually lost in my thoughts as I was pretty bored being a Sunday and nothing to do. I can probably say I was thinking nothing; my mind was as blank as a paper where suddenly the blank page started to fill in thoughts when this scenario happened.


Polish karva lo (Can I polish you shoes), my blank mind happen to think. After a few late impulse of the mind, I politely told him, Nahi beta thank you. Few seconds later, he again speaks in Hindi - Mujhe bhukh lagi hai (I am hungry). I did not reply at the instant he told me that as I was really not in temperament to screech on anyone or be discourteous to the little boy. My heart gave me the feeling of the days when I use to be hungry and I would have to wait for the next meal in boarding school. Calmly I asked him, what you would like to eat. He said kuch karna hi hai to mujhe ek shoe box dilado (Don't Buy me food, if you really want to do something for me get me a shoe box).I went a little mad in the head that I am being nice to him and ready to get him food and he is demanding something else. I ignored him for a moment and took my eyes away from him.

Sir just because I don’t have a show box, no one is ready to get their shoes polished. If you buy me a box, people would come to me and get their shoe polished. If you buy me the box you would be changing my life for good.

The above lines are spoken by this little kid in English. Yes I was dumbstruck when he said these words to me. I was like what the hell is going on. Am I dreaming at dusk or I’m getting mad in the middle of the road. There for a moment the ARK rose in my heart and I did not think for a minute to aid this little fellow.

From here, I would narrate the entire talk which I had with the teenager which was in the English language.

What do you do? I'm in 9th Standard. Are you sure you go to school? Yes bhaiya I go to school in the morning, after 4 I go to job. (By the job he meant he would lead out in the city with his bag to polish shoes.) I told him sit on the bike and he said thank you and sat behind me. I asked him where would we get the shoe box and he showed me the way to the shop. What work your parents do? My father is in Rajasthan, he did not mention what work does he do and my mother sells balloons at Hadapsar. I have a little sister at home. Where do you stay? I stay at Hadapsar again did not mention where. You do this work from evening to night to fetch some money, when do you study as you are in the 9th standard? Bhaiya I come home by 2 pm and then I complete my homework and then I come for job. His answers did not let me cross question him. I again popped up a question for his dad as he is doing this child labor work and his mom is selling balloons then what does the man of the family do. What does your father do in Rajasthan? His English stammered a bit here - Dad drink much and fighting with maa, Their divorce in 2005, that the main reason I have work because I have to pay my school fees so I can become something in life. I was touched, I’m too soft hearted and I was listening to a kid which made me feel more for him as for me kids have been as Gods children.


We reached to the shop where he would get the shoe box and unfortunately it was closed. He got a bit dis-heartened and got down from the bike and asked me 8 baaj gaye. I told him its Sunday, may be that’s why it is closed. I told him what should we do, he had a blank face with a frown and said if you can take me to M.G Road I know a place there. I said I would have taken you but I need to be going home. He said bhaiya if you trust me you can give me the money I will buy it and I will come and show you the box. You can take down my school name and my teachers name and come there to confirm. Till the moment I gave him the money, he had a fear on his face because from his act, he just wanted the box and nothing else. I again asked him, are you sure you would buy the box and not use the money in any other thing? Promise bhaiya. I would work hard after I get the box and I would repay you the amount. I opened my wallet and gave him 1000 bucks to buy the box which was for 850 and i told him from the 150 take some food home. The moment I gave him the money you would not believe the face had an innocent smile which was not a lie. He said Thank you Bhaiya, I would pray for you and he kept repeating the line for almost 7 times that I would pray for you. Come to my school someday I will like it. I told him I surely would one day. I told him I know you working so you can support the family but study hard so once you complete your studies you don’t have to do this work and he got tears in his eyes, he was over joyed with the Art of Random kindness.


I asked him his home address, he was sad in telling me he lived in the slums. It was sad to know that people living there have high aims in life and its proven that people from the low society have high dreams at times. He promised to meet me the coming Sunday with the box. But I trust him because what humans lack is trust in other humans and we got to learn how to trust because if you don’t have trust you don’t have anything in life. While leaving him I saw him go to a place to buy food and I was happy at least the money would fill their empty stomach and i would be blessed by their kind words and god’s blessings.

I know people would think am I a fool to give 1000 bucks to the kid. But do you think once while spending thousands in a pub, over wrong addictions or buying things you already have then why not once give a needy something which will satisfy your mind forever. In the end I was happy giving him the money. I normally don’t give it to people who beg. They have good healthy hands and legs and they don’t want to beg. I wrote in one of my quotes which states "Working for money is against their begging contract." This child did not beg instead he asked for what was needed for him and it made him feel without the box he would not earn. If we can at times do something good for the needy and call it ART OF RANDON KINDNESS. (ARK)


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