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Beyond : Life by Mradul Singhal

It’s been 3 years I quit inscription on this piece of my emotion but somehow, I did not let this website die and held in reserve, waiting for a purpose to write something which would actually make some sense. I decided to write back on 13-May-2020 which is the birthdate of our friend Late Mradul Singhal who left for the heavenly abode in an accident which was heart breaking to many of us all who knew him and specially to his family and very close folks.

Let’s jump with what this blog actually is about.

Mradul was working on his Debut Solo Album and his plans were to release it on his date of birth, but unfortunate that he left us all on a divine voyage on 13-Mar-2020. There are individuals who were dealing with the personal grief of his absence, but they made it conceivable by working on the album to complete it and air it on leading platforms.

They named it – Beyond : Life by Mradul Singhal

Here goes the Track List and it was exclusively premiered on 12-May-2020 at 11:00 PM IST by WherePostRockDwells

1. A Present from the past 03:02         

2. Leaves of Life 03:54 

3. Sentience 04:10       

4. Labyrinth 02:48       

5. Oceans and woods 04:44     

6. Symphony of stars 04:04


You tube Link to the album:

Mradul gifted us with love in the form of music that was too dear to him. Yes, we know life goes on but somethings are deep beyond our hearts and yes it does feel for a lifetime.

Thank you Swagata Khargharia, Aditya Oke and others, who aided his wish come true on his birthday. It surely takes too much to bring even a little thing in place, this was a music album. God bless you all for the determination that made this happy day possible for Mradul. Thank you, Samuel Chacon who has collaboratively worked with Mradul as a Guest Artist.   

This is the least I can do for you Mradul. Wishing you the 1st Heavenly Birthday.

Until we meet again – keep watching on us all.

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