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Blood Donation

I read it on a poster which was pasted on the wall which said: “YOU ARE A BLOOD OWNER, BE A BLOOD DONOR.” – Which is one inspirational line to boost the moral of the blood donor.

             I have come across many friends and family who say that they have donated the blood and they always do it every three months. It’s been a while when I was trying to donate my blood but because of my health I was never able to donate blood. Blood donation is a noble cause because there are patients who need blood in the emergency and who knows whose blood is useful to which patient. Its feels nice when your blood can be useful to some one and save a life and in return get blessings from their family members.

            First time when I went for blood donation was when I was in college and there was a blood donation camp. And the doctors denied me to donate blood as I had fever some days back. I felt very bad that day because I felt that my blood was useless and was not useful to anyone. And I had decided that I shall one day make my blood useful to someone.

           Why I wanted to donate blood? It had a reason behind it. My mom met with an accident and she underwent three operations that time she needed blood and so much of blood went to her body from different people and that blood which was donated by some unknown people as donation was useful to my mom during her operations, which saved her life. How wonderful those people would be who donated their blood and saved her.

           On June 14th 2011 there was a blood donation camp at my office MphasiS an HP company and I decided to donate blood. I wanted to feel the goodness which everyone experiences while donating the blood. And I felt the goodness while donating it. This was my first blood donation and I pledge to donate blood every three months. This will always be in the good books of god and it feels nice to donate blood as this blood will be useful to patients who need it in the urgency. After my blood donation, My friend Austin too donated blood at the Blood Donation Camp.

I pledge to everybody who are able to donate blood shall do that. As blood is one thing which is always scarce whenever required.   


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