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Changing Christmas Times

Today is 25th December 2014, which we rejoice as Jesus Christ’s Birthday. The day which starts from Christmas eve wishing each other Happy Christmas Eve and goes around till mid night when folks wish each other the merry day attending the mid-night mass followed by the lovely cake and some wine. This merry day is so joyous that it goes on and on till it’s 31st December for the changing time of 23:59:59 when the clocks strikes 0:00 to wish everybody a very happy new year.

This Write up came to my mind when today on 24th December, 2014 at 23:25 hrs. Everyone at work hurried inside the break out to cut the cake for Christmas as a mark of celebration for the season and especially for the people who are at work and cannot be out for the mid night mass or be with their loved ones to wish them Merry Christmas.

I would like to inscribe a little story of how my Christmas has been since childhood and what it is today.

Scene 1:

I was a toddler when I started going to church with Maria and Anthony. They were mom’s pupils who were poor but had a big heart and still do. They took me to church on Christmas day. That day I would have lunch with them sharing the food in the same platter, which carried on for good 23 years till I left my city and settled in Pune. There was no Christmas day I missed being with them and sharing little lunch and happiness. Certainly I was a kid but I never acquired any gifts for them but yet they would welcome me with open hearts and arms till date. In the evening it was time to go with mom dad to their Christian friend’s home to wish them greetings for Christmas and I only loved one thing over there; they were “Rose Cookies”.

 Scene 2:

I started going to the church for mid-night mass with friends and certainly living in the dry state, we would have wine at my place keeping the tradition alive. The lunch continues at Maria’s Place. Evenings changed a bit, we would certainly go to wish the Christian friends but then mom was a teacher and she had Christian friends too, so the fun part begins. We were always invited for the Christmas celebrations. By evening 19:00 hrs. We would reach the place and fun and frolic starts. Good Booze and good food. At the end of the party we would feel warm in winters because awesomeness of Rum runs inside the body and the world would seem tipsy-topsy but it was fun. This went for around 11 years.

Scene 3:

This scene of life is different from the above two. It’s been 5 years I have not attended the mid-night mass. No cake at the church nor wine with friends at home after church. No lunch at Maria’s place, no Party at Family friends place. The time totally changed from what it was for 25 years.

Why did the scene Change?


What is the reason behind the scene changing after it’s continues momentum of 25 years of Total fun?

Am I not welcome at Maria’s Place anymore? Has the church stopped the mid-night mass? Don’t I have Christian friends? Are the family friends dead?

No Maria is always welcoming and still remembers the old days of Christmas. The church’s still follow the tradition of the mid-night mass. I still have Christian friends and the family friends are very much alive. The main reason for the things changing is we have left the place we grew up at and the other reason is every year on Christmas Eve and Christmas I’m at work. I work for a U.S Client so I have to be here working for the clients. Today my mid-night mass, the cake, the friends and the party is at work with the office colleagues which is also a good part as you get to spend time with people you normally don’t spend time or celebrate the festival.

We can’t wish everyone at 0:00 hrs. We cannot attend the mid-night mass. Nor can we party all day long like before. The times have change. The title I gave to the blog Changing Christmas Times, The festival has not changed from ages but yes every human’s time would have changed from time to time like mine did.

This is a perfect example of changing times not only in this case but in fact every way of life. Time is never the same for anyone. Time is dynamic and it changes every minute. The good part about it is how we quickly adapt the changing time. So it’s all in the mind when and how you want to adapt a change.

Time changes but the Spirit of Christmas never did. Now I visit the church in the morning after work, I go wishing everyone in the morning before I go for work. The actions are the same only the times have changed and the way it goes ahead has been a bit different. Remembering the old days of fun I smile while I pen down this blog sitting in the corner desk at work.

Merry Christmas everyone. Let the fun flow in as always and may this merry festive season be happy as ever. To all the souls living on Earth – be happy, Spread Love, peace be with you all!




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