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     In life humans are born to see the ups and downs of life. Humans grow up soon enough from a child to an adult never looking back to things as they know looking forward to life is the correct vision to their success. I would like to talk about some people who in short time became close buddies or colleagues and soon left never to look back again.


     Its been 8 months that I am working in MphasiS An hp company and from the time I have joined the production floor every now and then its been some one or the other leaving the company for some or the other reasons like they get selected in IJP (Internal Job Posting) or they get a good opportunity in some other company in their field of interest and some leave the company just to take a break from the hard life of an ITO. Work never was easy for anyone who wanted success in life and many think that life in a BPO, KPO and ITO is easy earned money because they just take calls and attend customers or clients but its only those people who work in there know the real story as its just not about a call but many more things.


     I would like to talk about two departures of my friends Nikhil and Furkan. One who left the company because he got an opportunity to work in the field of his interest and other who left the company for taking a break.


     Nikhil a part of Projects Team became a very dear friend in a short period of time as myself was a part of the projects team when I hit the production floor. A soft hearted guy with heavy built and looks like a Chinese and we called him with many different names. A human being so good at heart that sometimes my fun use to make him cry and I only had to stop him because I could not see him hurt because I touched a very personal feeling of his and I was not aware that my fun would take such a serious turn. His daily silly jokes and stupid question answers use to make our day and sometimes we use to bug him up too. A big fan of Rahul Dravid and for him he is God. I have seen him fighting when someone says anything to his God. The time came when because of some personal reasons he wanted to leave the city and one day he gives me the good news that I am just leaving the company and not the city as he got a job at his interest level and no one could stop him. But the day he left the company felt a bit of heart pinched as a dear friend was leaving the job and going else where but its his career friends will always remain dear but everyone wants to prosper and why not, as like is full of competitions and it’s the world where we cannot stop and look back to whatever is gone. Life is emotional but more practical to survive as Darwin said “Survival of the fittest.” That rule still applies in today’s world. We happily bid him a goodbye and wished him best for his career.


     Furkan also a part of the Projects team and then later we all became a part of the request team. A person who was calm and quiet when we were new to them… for some days we did not talk to each other but one day for some work he had to talk to me and that was the beginning of the conversation and been friends since then. Small chit chats here and there. Pulling each others legs and beating up each other too. Life went on smoothly and we started to talk about each others life and one day finally he said I have initiated my resignation. The heart sank that other friend is leaving the company too but a part of life. Life teaches you new things everyday and you got to learn them and live the way it shows you because when life shows you a way it’s the rights way.


     I have meet many departures in life like leaving my home town and leaving my closest buddy who is more then a brother to me Deep Shah. Departure from Bombay when I could not accomplish my goal to be an Actor. Departure from my best friend who somewhere is leaving Pune because of me but I am sure she is one talented soul in my life who will accomplish her goal and make me and her parents proud one day. Life does not end where you think it to be the end. But it’s a new beginning to a new story and probably a new one and that does not mean that the old story which got over somewhere will not have a further story. I know me and my best friend will remain the same throughout the life as she has been my backbone and always will be my backbone. Supporting in my good and bad times. Right and wrong decisions. She is a darling and always will remain so.


     Departures are not the end. It’s just that the chapter gets over and a new chapter begins. And to deal with life departures are important. 

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