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How to save a life

How to save a life is a remarkable song by The Fray but I am not going to inscribe about what memorandum the song transmits, you can surely find out the hundreds of documents on the internet that will explain you the same.

How to save a life? This query would have numerous replies if we ask any humanoid how they would protect a life. The answers would be I would help them with the emotional intellect, I would make a person comprehend if they are on an erroneous track and they are ruining their life, etc. There are masses of solutions which would be not possible for me to pen down as I’m not a mind reader that would read the minds of people what they would do to save a life.

This Theme I would pen down now goes way back in 1994, when I was studying in Barnes High School, Devlali. It’s a hill station with a huge Boarding school on a flatland. I was in the 4th Standard when I joined the school at the tender age of 9. I was in the Lloyd block where the children from Nursery to 4th Standard lived. Besides my block there was the girls block. The last room on the ground floor was the study room for us, besides the room the way was going down the mountain and I often went that place to be alone and sit with myself and dream of something I don’t remember or pass my time.


One Dawn I was at that place and it was a Saturday. I was wandering here and there over the place doing nothing for as a kid I did not have much to do and I was still coping up with the new kids I never knew, I had secluded me so I could be on my own without responding anyone or asking anyone whatever. Abruptly I hear the sound of Puppies that made me eager and razor sharp ears heard the sound and my razor sharp eyes started to look for them. I was sure I heard the sound and not some ghost as spirit stories any Barnicle would tell you they know of. I had nothing to do and I kept finding for the puppies. After a while I gave up as the puppies stopped making the noise.

I sat down for a while and the pups started to make some noise again. This time the sound was intense, I felt as if the pups are crying. I could not sit back lay down without doing nothing. I follow the sound as this time the pups sound was more clear and loud. I followed the sound and I find the sound coming from a pit which was filled with steppingstones and mud. Without worsening time I go ahead and remove the mud and almost 16 big steppingstones were removed from the pit. As I pick up the last stone, I find cute 6 little puppies lay down there at the arms of death. I was terrified if the dog’s mother would come back as I was saving the puppies but with some determination I took the puppies in my hand and I was wondering what I should do with the puppies. Sister Gama who was my Friend Jason’s Mother I knocked the door. Jason open the door asked me what happened, I told him I have found 6 puppies in the pit near the block and they were set there to die but I somehow saved them, He said what you need I told him Call sister and Sister Gama came out and I told her if near her house outside if she could give shelter to the puppies. At first she hesitated. I told her if I lay the puppies there they would surely be killed now.

The Puppies were taken to Sister Gama’s place where for a few days I would visit the puppies and feed them milk which sister gave me to feed them. It was generous of her to give milk to the little puppies as I did not have money to buy milk for the little pups.

This way I saved 6 lives when at the age of 9 probably I did not know what death meant. But I knew what living was and helping the little pups gave me satisfaction. This was an act I remembered out of some talks with friends and felt like writing this little story which can also be titled Art of Random Kindness. Life is so precious, whenever I would get a change to save it; I would go ahead and do my part. Will you? 

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