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Late-night times on Mumbai Roads

It’s been practically 28 years, I’ve heard this phrase which says “Mumbai – The city that never sleeps.” It was an insignificant desire I wanted to accomplish just to give my soul some happiness and finally I could do this on one weekend. It was 12.45 am when I met one of my friend who continuously guaranteed me to take me places out on the roads in Mumbai at darkness. I always kept telling him I wish to stray around doing just nothing but stray myself on the roads like a free bird.

In earlier blogs, I have written about this which positions my love for the Arabian Sea. It’s one place I love to devote my free time each time I am in Mumbai for a break. In infant days, dad took me to numerous places near by the sea particularly Chowpaty. I recall dad taking the mat for 10 – 20 rupees where he would place it on the beach and we will sit and it and I would demand for little peanut cones and various other things. It’s delightful to recall some places in life which you are fond of.

We started off our night straying on the streets of Mumbai with Nariman Point. Being a Saturday night, Police were on duty to check for drink and drive on the other side of the road and this side near the sea where almost thousands of people chilling out the same way I was doing. I see various kind of people out there I would name a few. One parent playing with a little girl who would be almost 4 years of age with a football. A brother playing with a football and the little sister using the Bat to play cricket. We were not scared of the ball hitting us but if the bat is set loose from the little girls hand it would bash either mine or Rizwan’s face. But nothing of such happened. Young couples after party hours come down to the location to have some open air romance. I see half the public sleeping on the pavement at night which was disturbing as well as astonished me that they were safe, probably have gods grace on them that they can be safe all night long on the edge of the pavement, a slight turn can turn fatal as down below are the rocks waiting for the waves to crash and not break the wall.

We then left from there and went to Nagpada, a place I had never seen earlier. We had a teacup and also there was the Well-known Chor Bazaar where it’s said you ask for something and you get it there. Certainly it was all closed but vast antiques were set up outside the shops and nearly every alternate shop had a man snoozing on the asphalt out there probably to guard the things. Amazingly Mumbai people sleep off anywhere on the Mumbai roads, so it’s also said – Yaha to footpath bhi houseful hai. (Even the footpath’s are full.).

We crossed through Mohd. Ali road, which is well-known for its eatery. It was 2.30 am and all the shops were still open serving different types of food out there and people were out there like it was 7 in the twilight. We did not stop by for any food as we were absorbed in roaming around rather than doing anything else.

Lastly we went to Versova, It’s a place I have not visited in a decade. To our astonishment the Police had gone by and there were bikers, who were performing death driven stunts in the middle of the night at around 4 am. There were no super bikes, nor sophisticated champs out there, they were a bunch of Lads, trying to show off their stunts which can be straight shot to hell. I know doing stunts is ok now a days, but not on public roads. There has to be an isolated place to do the same. Fuel was burnt as if they were the sons of Arab shaikh’s. I would believe in the Indian Ceat tyre ad that states “Streets are filled with Idiots.” They may not have any fear of death but people are useless to not think of their family before performing something stupid. I understand the young blood now a days is more daring but behind every motive there should be some preventive measure to stop doing the same.

Lastly Rizwan showed me his house in mazagon dock and that place was silent and serene. It’s a small place but it does not matter where the heart is happy and there are faces smiling. It’s the family that makes the house a happy home.

Finally let me conclude, my wish to be out on the roads of Mumbai is yet to complete. It was just the Arabian Sea that I spent my time with. It’s to calm and peaceful with the sound of the waves hitting the stones. It seems like the winds blowing along the waves sends me an unknown message from the almighty as if it’s telling me something. The time spend at the sea will never be satisfying as it never stops its talks. The talks that are only between the sea and the human brain. Mumbai is vast to be covered even in years, I just spend 4 hours on the night street. One day I am sure I can go on and on with different Mumbai outings at night and have my heart filled with satisfaction.

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