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Magic, not miracles

We are all aware what magic is. Being a child we have at least once been a part of a magic show, as children usually don’t know how things are happening and get fascinated by it.

Meaning of magic is the art or practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature. Usually we see magicians chanting the spells and doing something unusual which makes us say wow!

Here is the shortest story I would write which is not much to describe but just to let you know magicians can just do the magic, they cannot perform miracles.

I was just 6, when I visited a magic show of a magician called deep. He was a famous magician in the city amongst the kids, as he had lovely tact’s to perform and mingle with kids. We had been to some place for this huge magic show and as others I enjoyed it too. At the end of the show I got a chance to meet him because one of my teachers knew him and he met me too and asked me if I enjoyed it. I told him yes I did enjoy the show, but you really do magic? He said yes! Very confidently.

I told him alright, I told him if you are a real magician then there is a kid who is coming from far away and uses crutches to walk, can you make him walk without the crutches forever? That question stunned him and everyone around. He just smiled as he knew that the question I had was right, because he claims to do all kind of magic.

So I told myself that day these magicians can only do magic in disguise they cannot do miracles. If it was the case, this world would be perfect but they are not God. They are just entertainers.  

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