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            Every child once in a lifetime faces a hitch at school with their teachers. specifically the feeble ones in the class are at times treated very roughly by the teachers and are uncared for in the class. This kind of conduct can have a dreadful impact on the child and can have many surplus results out of it. Such one child was me.

            Till the 9th Grade i was a intelligent student. I would not say a topper but yes always having good bloodthirsty marks with the top students. May it be class room or the play ground i would never let myself back in action. But as everyone faces some difficulties in life even i started such difficulties during my 10th Boards.

            In school my Maths Teacher had some problem with me for two reasons. Number one – I left his tuition's because i was not comfortable with his method of teaching being a bit weak in maths. Number two – i was a teacher’s son and it’s always been that this teacher has always behaved roughly with teacher’s children. Because of this i could not do well in my examinations and always had the fear of failing in the boards as in the preliminary exams i use to fail because of the fear and my teacher always said “YOU GONNA FAIL”.

            I use to go for classes for all the subjects. One day my teacher at the class asked me what my problem was. And without fear i told him what was troubling me and to be honest he was damn strict but he did not tell me a word when i failed in the preliminary exams. In fact after the classes were over and we had to study at home because all the courses were over. I was called in extra everyday only for Maths. And Sir started with a scratch. He asked me first all the things i knew in Maths and what all i had a problem with. And there started my work to start doing things and learning them. He use to make Question papers for me everyday which were certainly of 100 marks and he use to check the papers on the spot to show me the result. This went on for two months where he sat with me till 12 am till i went home. I use to go home only to sleep and rest i would spend time with sir at the class and sometimes he let me play some games on the computer too. Finally the day came when exams were taken and i scored good marks in the boards. All thanks to Mr. Mehul Kaneria (M.K.Classes) who has been a amazing mentor for me. He was the only one who had hope in me and it’s just because of him that i am standing at a good position in life. His hard work paid off on me and i did not let him down.

            I got promoted to the 11th standard where my primary decision was to take up  Science as my dream was to become a pilot. This was the second time i faced a similar kind of troubles but with multiple teachers. Maths and Chemistry teachers. I was not taken by these teachers for their classes as i did not score above 90 marks in the boards. Now i wonder why these teachers want a 90+ Marks student in their batch. Its because they get a good amount for their class and the second reason is that they have to do less hard work behind these good students. I am afraid i have to say those teachers had a good name in the school but they actually are sugar coated. Not everyone knows the truth. This truth behind their fake mask i came to know when i became a teacher and i had to deal with such weak students but the only difference was i never let go off my students; as they did.

 Long story to go and many things happened and i finally got fed up and left the dream of becoming a pilot because i was too depressed because of these things happening to me for no reason. And there was no motivation from the teachers i respected a lot.

            I wasted my 1 year behind this and then i took up commerce. And i just have one more person to name here who has been a grand mentor to me and i duly respect him from the foundation of my heart and he is the one after my achievement in the IT field today. After i started with my commerce i joined classes for computers. There eventually took a bit of time to gel up with him but later i absolutely did.

            With all the knowledge he gave me i used it in examinations and after 3 - 5 years of being with him under his training for computers i got a job in a sister concern school to work there are a computer teacher and i did well. In four years i moved on from an assistant lab in charge to Head of the department and all the credit i give to Mr. Nayan Shah. It’s because of his inspiration and hard work that i knew all the things and i took interest in computers and i learned everything and did my graduation in computers as well. He was not only my mentor but i became a part of their family as the love i got from everyone at his place. Nayan Sir , Kavita Aunty (Sir’s Wife), Akshi (Sir’s Daughter) and Baa. May be only someone would have got this kind of love and i am the lucky one.

            After my four years in the school as a teacher go triumphant, i came on to Bombay for some options and finally settled in Pune. First working for a semi technical process and now working for Mphasis – An Hp Company (ITO) as a STSA – Senior Technical Support Advisor. My success is because of my hard work but it would not have been achievable if Nayan Sir would not have pushed me to take computers sincerely.

            I just want to say one thing Sir i miss you and you always will be my inspiration.

           In the end i would like to say to all youngsters that if some teachers are de motivating you always remember there will be many more teachers to lend you a hand and help you grow. Find such teachers.


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