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My Incomplete Struggle

Life was never an easy charge. May it be the 18th Century or the 21st, Life at different times had different encounters to face in demand to endure the stress-free spoken hard-hitting lived word called “TIME”. In the 21st century where clash is gigantic and the rate of accomplishment is negligible, we think of well-off people to have accomplished things years back because we in our sanities to think that it was a easy cake walk for them in that period when they began with. I’m sure it was not at all a easy way ever where things happen without hard work. We are not yet aware as to why we humans exist, everyone has a different theory of why life exist and what is the sole purpose of the same.

Here is a story of my incomplete struggle I faced in the year 2010, which is 4 years back. When I left my home town for something I wished to accomplish in life and planned to move to the city of dreams Mumbai. It was 4th May, 2010 when I stepped on the bus leaving my first job on hold for a while and moving out to the world of glamour. I reached the city of dreams with good wishes to work hard to achieve what I left for. I had a big acting bug inside me which I accomplished in school with Drama’s and acting on the stage in front of hundreds of people. I reach Mumbai and I get myself registered with some acting agencies where I would be given audition calls as per the requirement. In a few days I started getting the calls for the auditions which made me happy where I had also stated for print media which I did not have a direct link too so it was difficult for a new lad like me to accomplish. I went for my first audition for an ad of a new vehicle launched by TVS. The address was of Andheri where I had never been. I somehow reach to the destination in the location stated where there were different shoots going along with the one I was sent for. The place was so huge that I did not know where to go, as they were like hundreds of small rooms where I could site thousands of people standing and being dumb struck as to what to do. Some good hearted fellow who was a model who was standing there and seems to be well known to the place I asked for help. Asked him where this # was and he let me to it. To my surprise there were around 60 people standing for the same ad in a line including some of the well known side actors of the Bollywood industry.

I ask one of the people standing in the line, Excuse me was the first word I could speak over there knowing no one around. He politely asked what was it that I needed. I told him I was a new bee in the place and wanted to know how things go. He said there is a model coordinator who would let me know what was to be done. I go inside the room which was humid and hot and I told her I was sent by this person for the audition. I wrote my name on the paper and from the agency I was sent. She said to wait outside and would be called for the audition. I was panicking seeing the well known actors in line but did not loose hope. I went out to stand in the crowd where I was a bit afraid and it could be seen on my face, where a gentle man approached me and in pure urdu language he was talking to me. Where he asked me you seem to be new to all this and I told him yes I was and he started to make me confortable by letting me know about him. He was one of the side actors who had just one or two main leads roles in advertisements. After 4 years now I hardly remember what he was talking but I remember vaguely about his experiences of life. He seemed to be one of those strugglers like me. As he knew what exactly I was going through. After hours of chit chatting and me watching one by one people going inside the other AC room to get auditioned where a group of foreigners were given the preference to be in the ac room itself and given a chance probably they are good looking fair and prioritized.

He told me that they are directly taken in the audition no matter they don’t know our language. I asked him what about these people who have been into movies and also in serials no matter as side or secondary actors. He said everyone is auditioned unless you are a star who does not need any auditions anymore. I started to know I was probably at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was from morning 8 to evening 5 I was standing in the sun for one audition to happen and probably the first one. At last I was fed up and asked if my turn was going to come. She told me your looks don’t match to the audition role for today. I just said you should have told me in the morning I would not have wasted my time and I left.

Many more auditions I went through where there were no too many people I gave the auditions and faced the audition camera for the first time. I waited for the calls to come if I was selected but probably they all failed. I was frustrated as things were not working out for me as expected. It was a month I was roaming around in Mumbai all alone and almost exhausted all the money I had got along with me. One fine evening I was sitting in the room at my aunts place and I broke down into tears of loneliness and failure. I ended my struggle to get into fame. This was my incomplete struggle where I did not know in which direction to go. I had no one to guide me through this phase of life. Had one uncle who is in the theater industry for over two decades refused to help me in it. I had to deal with this all alone.

I call this as my incomplete struggle as I could not accomplish one goal in life I had thought of. May be I was scared of the struggle, may be I started this at the wrong time where I was over the age of struggle where I had to support my family for their retirement or may be I selected to wrong profession to go into without any back up in my life.

I saw people giving money in the audition to take them in for the audition and getting into the room for the shoot. This kind of money I did not have to through so I could get through the audition. Thou it was an incomplete struggle it was no time to waste to make a career as my career was never on the track I ever wanted. This incomplete struggle got me to Pune and thanks to my Sister who did not let me go back to Gujrat and I stayed back to settle in here and now being a successful Subject matter expert in the IT field in my process.

There are struggles all over the world, some are accomplished to success and some give you failures to make you learn some deeds in life. Failing is just delayed success. If you have the power to work hard and specially to work smart you can real all the goals decided in life. Nothing is impossible in life for Impossible it self says “I-M- Possible.” Having a positive approach in life will let you win over situations. Situations may either break you or make you, it all depend on the way you think it to be.

My incomplete struggle took me to Pune for good and today I am happy in the field I am working for the past 3 years in the same company with good rewards and recognition and also one promotion to the next level which keeps me content and working towards the next leap in the field.


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