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My Job Versus My Passion

Everyone who wants to survive in this world and not stay hungry would be working for a living. May it be a self owned business or a job.  Out of which some would just be considering their job as the only thing to do in life as their prime importance. Someone would also have a passion for something to do along with his or her job.

I have a job where I am working for the service desk and working for a US process where my job timings start from evening. At first I only concentrated on my job, as it was my first IT job and wanted to excel in the same, which I am fulfilling. But then later after 2 years I realize that my life is just monotonous and its nothing more exciting as it use to be in the college days.

I bought a Canon SLR and a Canon Semi SLR, which I always wanted to have in life. Photography always was my passion and I wanted to take my ideas to my own level. Along with this job I made myself clear that my passion does not have to stop in anyway and after work I always made plans for morning photography.

I started with nature photography where the nature’s entire elements were my object. It started with the sun, moon, trees, river, sea, birds, flowers, Etc. Then when I was content that I have enough of material for my nature photography, I started with human photography that turned out to be more creative and good. Slow and steady I made different mixture of elements in my photography and gave my photography a word called MYSTIC LENS.  

There are times when I just see through the lens and when I love the moment I capture that event in the form of a photograph. And at times there may be nothing in the photograph but the beauty captured in the photograph is worth praising.  Many told me to take it up as a profession but I have only one answer to give them I don’t want to earn out of it. I have a liking and passion to hold a camera and work towards capturing the moments that would give me happiness every time I see it and it would be for a lifetime.

I feel everyone would do something like this with their job to keep them active in life with their passion and also this would certainty be a stress buster for a person who is genuinely passionate about the thing they call it their passion.

This would not make life monotonous and make it lively to live in and would give freshness in life to work towards your job and focus.




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