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My Struggle And The Returns

My Struggle started on 14th December 1985 when I was born.  My mom had a hard time during my birth. According to the doctors her due date was on 1st of January 1986 and unexpectedly things changed. On 14th December mom faced terrific pain as I was upturned in mom’s womb. When mom delivered me doctor said this kid brought himself from fatality to life and you as well. I fought with fatality to be born in this world to magnificent parents.


This was just the beginning and my struggles started with my age. The first struggle I came across was in 1994 when I was sent to a boarding school by my parents because of me being naughty. Initial stage in the school was tough as I never stayed away from my parents. But I had to make my way through there for three years. I did a part of my schooling there. Barnes High School, Devlali helped me grow in myself and made me and individual and taught me what life was. There are lots of stories of School to be shared which will be shared later on. I was a student with good academic results till I was in the boarding school. I was led back home by dad when mom met with an accident and I was taken up from the school when I was in the 6th standard. I completed my 6th Grade and went back home.  The struggle in Barnes was tough as I was a small kid, but being grown up now I realize how it helped me grow strong and responsible as an individual.


My next struggle was when I was in Junior College and I took up Science as my stream and believe me my dreams crashed to death of being a pilot when I could not study and was distracted from studies to a certain extent. From being a pilot I changed my dreams to become an MBA and I had to take a drop of 1 years and then joined the commerce stream. The school was not new for me but yes the students in the class were certainly new for me. It almost took me one year to be friends to everyone as in the 1st year of junior college I was strayed from the class. Deep Shah was the only individual who I was close to in the 1st year of junior college. I struggled hard to learn Accounts which was not my cup of tea. Somehow I finished with the 2nd year of junior college and it was time to decide what the next step was. First I decided to do what my other friends were opting for. But then I decided to do totally different. I took up Computers and opted for Bachelors in Computer. From being a Pilot to an MBA now wished to be a computer software engineer. Suddenly when my 1st year was in progress of college I was offered a job in Saint Paul’s School and I took the opportunity to work with the school and I worked for four years in the school in the end leaving the school being the Head of the Department (Computers). So being a pilot to an MBA to a Software Programmer to a successful Teacher. Things Don’t stop here. There is more to come.


After leaving school I went to Bombay for my acting career which was in Queue for a long time but dreams again crashed in 2 months. I did not give up. Something else exhausted me a different story all together. I went to Pune to stay at my sisters place for some time and she never let me go back home and that was a good decision by her to n ot let me go back. I started giving interviews at different Job agencies and trust me my mouth would not open to give my own introduction as I was too nervous for this new thing in my life as earlier I never gave an interview. When the HR who told me I don’t know English I was zapped that I am a Person who learnt English since childhood how can I not know English and I was a teacher Come on. But I could not go ahead and tell her that and I left.  Now I went on to give an interview in a BPO which was a semi-tech process. I went through the interview and got the job and after three months of training and everything I came to know there is nothing technical in this process and its all Sales and I was stuck in a sales process. For 6 months I led through it hard to learn the tactics of a sales agent. So you see where I was at this point of time. Pilot to MBA to Software programmer to Teaching To Acting and Finally landed in a Sales Process. Life till now was a roller coaster ride and trust me I truly enjoyed it as I did not know where it was going.


Finally I landed in a Company Called Mphasis – An Hp Company where on the first go I cleared all the interview rounds and I was offered a job as a Senior Technical Support Associate and this company is an ITO. Finally I am somewhere near to the place I should be which was related to my liking of computers. Till now the ride was Thrilling. God know where I am heading now and where its going to take me. As my life and my dream career is still not appeared. I am moving on the direction god is taking me and I am following his instructions.


So Here it goes my Roller Coaster Ride – 1) Pilot 2) MBA 3) Software Programmer 4) A Computer Teacher  5) Acting  6) Sales Agent (BPO) 7) STSA (ITO)

Now if you see to this, there is no relevance in these jobs  but still the struggles got me at a place where I am able to live my life and do things as I need apart from my Dream job.


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