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First I would start this blog with a justification to all the readers who visit my website and leave disillusioned for not having any post since last November. It was just a malfunction in my life I was going through and all the ups and downs I was surviving with, thou nothing broke me but yes it reduced down my hustle. Now I am back to the original form of myself. Talisman Fardi was born with this blog who always was enigmatic for many and still lingers to be the same. I am on the roadway with a new website which will focus on my love for photography.

Mystic Lens is the name given to my love for photography. I am sure many would have a query why such a name and what is it’s implication, same way it happened with Talisman. Mystic means inspiring a sense of mystery and wonder, it also means Enigmatic or obscure. People think they know me but in the end one day they let me know that I am mysterious that is the main reason why both my blogs have mysterious characters in the name. I am an open book to all yet I believe I am a secret to many.

I have been using the camera since I was a child. I remember cracking Dad’s first camera too when I was 5 years of age. The love for camera or peeping through the lens started at an early age without anyone teaching me how to handle it. No matter where I am with the family the camera would be with me always and forever. I grew up and being with friends also took me into the same consideration. Camera would be my prime concern to carry all the daylong and everywhere I would go with them. Started using a Kodak digital Camera that my sister gifted me some 7 years back on my birthday. Later I went up to the Canon SLR Camera 500D and the Semi-SLR Canon SX50. These two cameras are my companions since three years now.

Mystic Lens only would not provide me a platform to focus my work to the world but would also preserve my Passion forever in this website. It took me long years to plan to make this website as I already had one which would not give me time to do other things. But now I would maintain it from my busy schedule, as who in this world is not busy, everyone is and we have to take out time for things we love to do.I have started uploading some work on the website and slowly I would upload them all. As I would want good pictures to be uploaded to the website.

Last but not the least the name of the website is and you all are free to have a look at it and give your valuable feedback.

Regular pictures would be updated on the Facebook page. Here is the link to it that you can spread the word for.

Always remember a general statement for all who love pictures. Photos are the only memories that don’t change, when everything in this world really does.



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