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Rose Cookies Anyone

Rose cookies is an Anglo Indian Cookie, which is preferred among the Indian Christians. It is commonly made during the Christmas season. Do you recall the last time you have had a delicious Rose cookies?

Here is one tale almost 20 years old going back to the most loved school by all who have studies there at Barnes High School, Devlali. I could go on and on scripting about the events at School in the span of 3 years that I have spent there. This tale is not too big but just a mere sweet event that took place in school.

In January every year we have the Barnes founders day fete for a day. It starts at dawn after breakfast where the booths are getting ready to start the day of fun and frolic. The stalls consisted of different foods that were sold there and some booths with the games. Everyone would start going to the arcades and start using their money vouchers, in the mean while I would help my beloved teachers at the arcade till my aunt who was a teacher would come there to her stall. After she would come this was the day I would get 50 Rupees to spend at the fete.

Spending all day long at the fete in the end when I was drained and at the conclusion of the fete I would sit down at the stall of miss. Verghese who was my Grand piano Teacher. I saw something which was brown in color which shaped like a flower and it had some holes in it. I asked her what are these and she was really busy to reply but lastly she did and told me it’s called Rose Cookies kiddo. I was tempted to taste them. I asked her if I could have one, she said yes give me two rupees voucher and take the cookie. I gave her the coupon and took the cookie. I sat beside the stall on a bench and took the first bite of the cookie and I felt gates of heaven opened up for me. I was not satisfied with one rose cookie and I bought the last one taking a voucher from my aunt for the cookie as my vouchers were over. I ate the cookies and I felt as if I have had the best rose cookies of my life.

Fete was over and we are back to school, fun was over. On a Friday during the Piano Lesson, I tell Miss Verghese, Ma’am the rose cookies were wonderful and I have never had such cookies till date. She said I have some at home son, I frowned and said but I don’t have money. The pocket money you gave me was not enough to save for the 2 rupee cookie. She smiled and said nothing at that instant. I played the keyboard and went back to class.

That evening I was playing on the ground floor in the evening on the boulevard when she called me from the 1st floor, Farhad come up. I was not at all terrified when she called me as she was the most loving teacher in school and especially she was teaching me piano so I was close to her. She called me in the house and gave me handful of rose cookies. I asked her who I have to give this too because when teachers call me I know it is for giving something here and there. She said it is not to be given to anyone. These cookies are for you. I immediately told her ma’am I don’t have money to buy these. She said I am not selling the cookies to you, I’m giving it to you so eat them. I smiled and took the cookies. I sat there and I ate them as if I carried it down it would not stay for me as victimization was the rule all the times at school. Till I was given this cookies without money and with love, I always thought only cash could buy food in the school. This was the Art of Random Kindness done on me by Ma’am.

After 20 Years I ate Rose Cookies as Work, but the taste of Rose Cookies which I had 20 years back is still unmatched. Those were served with love from a teacher to his little student. For twenty Years I have been asking for rose cookies from Christian friends but the taste was never the same as I expected. No matter I have the world’s best Rose cookies I would not forget the sweet gesture of the rose cookies I got 20 years back which I can still recall in my senses and can remember the taste. 

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