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Speakers go to war

Alright Folks!! Let’s start by saying. It’s not about any speakers who make an hour long lecture on the dais without the familiarity of what they are saying, untruthful assurances and empty words which bring no good to anyone. It’s my understanding. You are free to pour your observation out. Overlook it why am I even concerned to write about something which I am not interested in.

Let me start again by saying, this is about the speakers which blast music. First it was the Walkman, followed by the disc man, further followed by our 2.1 and 5.1 computer speakers and finally when you grow up and you have a mean machine and you have installed some super cool tweets and speakers which will actually blast inside out of your mean machine vibrating your side mirror assuring you of the power they possess.

I will give you top five songs which will give you the best sound check ever to check if really “The bass and the tweeters make the speakers go to war.”

Top Five picks by Talisman Fardi:

1. Skazi – Hit and Run - 4:55 – Make sure you don’t drive when you hear him. His beats would make your speed go from 0 to infinity in no time. Released in 2006

2. System of a down – Chop Suey!(Popularly known as Angels deserve to die – 3:30 Released in August 2001

3. Paul Elstak - Angels deserve to die – If you like Chop Suey! You will fall in love with Paul. – 5:03 – Released in ~ November 2009

4. Eagles – Hotel California – 6:30 – Its melody would make your really get your speakers to war. Released in February 1977

5. Queen – The show must go on – 4:25 – Beware Freddie Mercury has a 4 octave voice which is rare and probably one of the loudest. Make sure you check your tweeters and bass well and be ready for the rock star to astonish your intellect. Released on October 1991

6. Additional Song – It would be unfair if I don’t take Timmy Trumpet’s name here because of his song this blog came to my mind. Timmy Trumpet – Freaks!! – 2.48 – Released in August 2015

Skazi for Music and Freddie Mercury (Queen) for Vocals. I would soon come up with 10 skazi and Queen songs in the next continuation blog on Speakers go to War II

Enjoy these five tracks and let me know if you like them or hate them. 

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