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The banyan tree

We all recognize the Banyan tree which is the national tree of India. It is said to be an immortal tree. In India you hear a lot about the banyan tree for being divine, having spirits in it which are good spirits, bad spirits or mischievous spirit – It can be a home to much more then we can think of or much more then we have heard of. I have also heard elders affirming do not play near the banyan tree after sunsets because the spirits rouse at that time.


The Tree Circled is the Banyan Tree! 

This tale goes back in time again as my last two tales, Barnes high school use to be a British combat ground on which the school was built and we have always heard, where there are demises there are spirits too. Every youth who has spent time in this school, would positively have at least one tale to tell you about the same. Ghost stories are believed by those who have felt or seen it and those who have not would not have faith in it. Apart from the ghost stories one well-known thing at the school was the banyan tree. It was positioned at the end of the school near the Candy block. If you go to the school it is on the deep left hand side at the end of the candy block.

This tree was enormous as the banyan trees are and we were instructed by the wardens not to stroll around that tree but kids after all, we would not listen to roughly we really have too. At first I would overhear from friends who would not partake in the games during the evening games would go there to the tree to play. They would tell me what they do around there. I have friends who came back bruised or fallen from the trees and incapacitated themselves. It was a huge tree so a fall from the tree is a boom.

One day I was inactive near the Spence block where my dorm was and I see my friends playing there and I felt as if the tree is pulling me near it. I go to banyan tree and I see my friend who was dark and tall dangling to the branches and fluctuating himself here and there in a devilish tone. We already called him Ravan as he looked dreadful like one. And the atrocious loud sounds he was making, for an instant I felt he has been influenced. I climb the tree and the tree was colossal. I was not at all doing anything I was sitting on a big branch and suddenly I felt pushed, between two branches my hand was tangled. It took me more than 5 minutes to get me out of the branch. I screeched at my friends to never tell me any stories or call me back. I felt lifeless for a jiffy when I fell from the big branch. I made it a point to never visit the tree again but my eyes would always be on it.

No one dared to move around that tree at night but from my block the tree was very much visible and we use to see some shadows moving around there at night after midnight. We have noticed it a couple of times a lady in white. If it was that someone was really having a walk daily would be in different clothes. But we saw a lady dressed in white moving there for hours. As I said I don’t force people to believe spirit stories but those who believe it, do believe it.


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