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The blind and his faith

It is believed that places of devotion have firm supremacies which one senses when they enter and it would not be immoral to say I feel it as well. I may not be too pious but undoubtedly do have belief in the extreme power. The power that is never seen or heard but do exist in the form of some feeling we now and then feel within us for some purpose. It is said “Believe in the invisible” which actually today’s world would not follow which is precise; why to trust something you don’t see. But put a thought into the proverb which I am directly connecting to the almighty. We do not see wind but it exist, we do not see electricity but it exist, we do not see any feelings we humans carry along with us from the day we are born till the day we breathe our last. Ordinary needs are invisible then why not consider in the almighty that is invisible.

I would like to share a story which I countersigned in the fire temple sometime back. There is this old man who is tall, has a white long beard with every hair on his face and head turn grey which makes it a fact he has lived his life and is in ample peace of mind from the worldly hard work which he has already accomplished and his boots that he removes it outdoor before he can go to worship the fire. He comes to the holy place almost every day, for the days I’m there, he is always there praying. He has a very diverse way of praying. He has a 108 bead sumeru which he continuously keeps on moving in his hand with his lips praying with no utter of a flamboyant word and his eyes closed which look typical blank eyes. When he prays I feel the vibe of his devotions, I feel some sort of a dissimilar vigor that passes in the temple when he is praying and I may not be mistaken as prayers do have power to feel the vibe.

One day I witnessed his every act from the start. I’m outside doing my first prayers before I can go inside the fire temple and this tall man steps in the front gate of the temple. His steps are slow and probably counted; he walks carefully from the sides as to not bother anyone. He reaches the steps of the temple and holds the arm rest to carefully climb the staircase. I was too patient as I wanted to know if my assumptions were actually facts. He comes up and washes his hands and does his prayers. Enters the gate of the temple and there is a big glass which he touches which has the fire engraved on it. He then moves towards the bench where he will sit and eliminate his shoes sits there for a while to pray. This is the point where he prays and I feel the vibe.

This is the point when I’m continuously observing him and someone tells me he is a blind man. My head did not turn for a second as at this point my assumption was actually a fact. Wow! Am I really living in this world where some faith still exists? The reaction is affirmative. There are all sorts of probable faiths that exist in the biosphere. It’s just we who occasionally turn sightless to these faiths which exist. This man who is eyeless and has faith in the invisible and we humans at times having eyes we turn visionless in not believing in the certainty of life.

He comes daily to the temple, prays dutifully and trails all the rules of the temple for what? To get back the eyesight he has lost or waiting for a phenomenon one day he would see. No! He comes to the temple because no matter he has lost his sight; he has not lost his vision in the faith of god. Yes there may be miracles happening where one in a million may be having it but I’m no one to assume. His confidence is alive in the almighty in the invisible which makes his heart pure and sin free. I’m sure thou we don’t know he would get his sight back or not but he surely is getting a good vibe from god or a direct assembly with him which pulls him to the temple to pray. So let us learn to have faith in life which will lead us to something good and keep us away from the bad.

The blind and his faith!!

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