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The cartoons I grew up watching

Way back in the 1980’s when there were VCRs which were into action and I was too obsessed with it came into picture something called as Cartoons. As a child, everyone would have their favorite cartoon to be their best buddy and have it all day long played for millions of times which would be fun for the kid, but a headache for the parents. I recall some of the cartoons I grew up watching and still have the fascination for.

The first cartoon I am about the describe would be the cartoon no individual would say they hate is the Cartoon of a cat and a mouse Rivalry, yes you have got it right – It’s Tom and Jerry. The first thing we always see is the Mighty lion Roaring three times and the Tom and Jerry Show starts. There are numerous characters which involve in the short films of the Cartoons, which basically revolves around Tom and Jerry.


Tom is a Cat and Jerry is the mouse. Their Rivalry is picked up from the real life of the hatred for each other. In reality too, if the cat sees the mouse it would run back to the mouse to scare the little mouse. Likewise its in the Cartoon. Here, the only difference is they both are showed in a way of fights which you would not see in the real world, something that is imaginary. Tom is behind Jerry and Jerry is always behind the cheese which shows in the Cartoons, with the yellow smoke type which is actually the aroma of the cheese which is not seen in reality.

Jerry has a small room with a bed, watch, table, radio and several things found in the room inside a wall. Tom is into constant trick to get Jerry out of the hole, so he can eat him up. The lovely fights between them 80% times turn into friendship where Tom gives up catching  Jerry. Don’t bother, Jerry is far more notorious leaves no trail to trouble tom in every way he can.

If I go to write all about them, it will be endless. If you have seen this cartoon in your childhood, its time again you get back some CD’s and watch them to live back your lad days. Its not only for the kids but even the elders enjoy watching the cartoon which is based on the rivalry and the music with no much dialogues between both of them.

There are also the Bulldog and its pup, The momma who is never shown but just her feet and the baby sitter who is always on the phone. There also are times when a black cat is shown, who just like Tom wants to have Jerry and fights between Tom and the Cat as to who will eat Jerry. Special Satan type characters of Tom and Jerry are also shown which are their sub-conscious minds.


It is an endless tale.

The 2nd Cartoon I loved watching was the Dexter’s Laboratory. Which included two characters, Dexter and her sister dee dee. Dexter was a super intelligent kid, with his secret laboratory and his inventions and Dee Dee who was a trouble to Dexter and his Laboratory.


Let me name the rest of the Cartoons.


Bugs Bunny



Captain Planet



The power Rangers






Tales spin



The roadrunner show



And the list is endless to the childhood days where as time passed on too so many cartoons that today we would not even remember, with todays Chinese cartoons that may be fun for todays kids, but is surely a headache to me.

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