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The spirit i met

We often hear people saying that they saw a person who is already dead and they call it spirit. It’s always said that they person who is close to your life can be seen once in your life. These things have many reasons to it which cannot be defined as it directly is connected with your state of mind.

                This is a story about me when I was in the 5th standard studying in Barnes high school, Devlali which is a famous Boarding school. This school is famous for three things. Actors like Vinod Khanna who was a boxing champion in Barnes School and Arshad Warsi who was the most notorious kid studying in Barnes School. The second famous thing was kids of stars studying in the school and the third thing which is still famous is the school being haunted. The school is built on a plateau. This was suppose to be a battle ground during the British rule.

               Before I start my story of seeing a spirit I would also like to tell you about the Haunted Banyan Tree which was in the corner of the school. This was one tree which always had students playing on the tree, Swinging on its branches and so on. Its always been that whenever someone climbed the tree to play on it would get hurt some or the other way. Once when I had climbed the tree my hand was fixed between two branches and with much difficulty I came down the tree.

               In the evening there use to be a games period and we were playing hockey when I wished to drink water and I went to the water tap near the staff room. My aunt was a teacher in Barnes School and never allowed me to come in the staff room and with her fear. That day after I drank water I saw that the staff room door was open. With my surprise I see Mr.Amle sitting on the sofa and smoking in there and my senses struck me that Mr. Amle was dead. As I peeped in the staff room I see him and he is calling me and saying Dastoor come here and I was petrified and I stood there for some seconds and he said if you need any help please tell me you know I am always with you. And I ran away from there. Now as I see this spirit may be my state of mind because I was close to Mr.Amle and suddenly he left for gods abode. May be this was my hallucination which made me see the spirit. Till today whenever I think of this spirit I saw I feel blessed too.

There are many such stories which have taken place in the school. Each and every student will have some story to tell you who studied in Barnes High School.



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