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The Stage

                When the word stage strikes our mind, there are quite a few possibilities of what it can be. It can be at school; it can be at work and it can be at home and many more. But for me, where on earth i stand becomes the stage for me. For i trust life is one stage where we got to go ahead and perform our responsibilities and take the authority in life to make others become conscious what we are proficient with.

                I consider one stage which made me well-known was “My School Stage”. This stage has been my overwhelming partner in everything.  My voyage to this stage started at the age of 12 when i was new to the school as well as this stage. I danced for the first time on that stage, but i don’t commit to memory receiving any respects for it. The shows kept on happening and i kept on dancing. The only think fresh to my memory is i could never dance solo on that stage. I liked dancing in the group.


The best phase of recognition started at the age of 17. When Deep Shah came in my life being my “Partner in Crime.” We became best of friends, thou we knew each other since long due to this stage but we got to work together on this stage then. We both had an awe-inspiring time on that stage. That stage not only let us boogie on it but we ate, bunked, fought, cried, laughed till our stomach ached and lots of it.

The stage also gave us a chance to Act on it. Suddenly out of dancing we got a chance to participate in two Dramas’. One was on the life of Mother Teresa, where i was playing the character of an old rich man and Deep Shah was playing the character of a poor person who gets robbed.  For this drama, i have a memory i would like to share. We were more than 40 people in the drama and almost we knew everyone. The funniest thing which happened on the stage was, i was wearing a wig and shown half bald in it and i had to really control my laughter because for me it’s very difficult to control my jabber. And the next best thing was the mob who robbed Deep Shah were none other than our friends, so god knows what came to their mind, on the final day of the drama, Suraj was one of them who had to beat deep, kick him and rob him. Now a drama is always acting and not actually beating the hell out of someone. But Suraj kicked and boxed him in real and Deep really had a hard time controlling the pain and yet doing the show.

The second Drama we did was “GANDHI”. This was a huge success with more than 100 actors in it. In that Play i played “Jawaharlal Nehru” And Deep Shah Played “lord Mountbatten ”. This play fetched a good audience and a good show. Throughout this show many good and bad things happened. Horrific thing which happened was, the character of young Gandhi was played by one of my friends Himalaya and he was very Notorious. And i got angry and went to slap the young Gandhi offstage and i dislocated my shoulder. My Drama Teacher was all tensed how will i perform in the show and she did not want me to leave the play.  But somehow i managed to do the play and in the end the whole thing was in high spirits.

We performed on a Kashmiri Song on this stage too. And we had the best time during the practice of it. We all stayed back at school and practiced the dance with full lighting and music till dusk.  And this dance was so popular with the Principal that we performed this dance here after in every Function which took place in school. And we were proud of this dance as me and deep choreographed this song without the help of anyone and it became so popular with school mates.

The last thing i retain information about this stage was this drama. But i also recall deep taking part in a solo dance competition and dancing on the song – “Mein Aisa Kyon Hoon”.  The stage has given me good memories which i will always cherish.

I would like to share something with you all. Whenever you get a stage just perform, May it be anywhere on this earth. It’s not the place which matters but the performance.

 I will never forget what the stage has done for me and what i have gained out of it. Its simply priceless.


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