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Toughest goodbyes

It's said what’s born has to die, what comes has to go. Everything is temporary in this world. One day it has to perish, it’s the rule of the universe.

Considering some examples of good byes we face in our life from childhood till we perish forever.

Let’s start with the first day of play school. when our creators come to drop you at the class door and they bid you the first goodbye for the day.

Is this the toughest goodbye??

Last day of school when you have tons of memories with school and your childhood friends, the fun you had playing pranks on your teachers or the petty fights you had over a page not lent. Is it the sharing of the lunch box and filling your little tummy with the food that's not enough. The first crush, the first tear, the first fight, the first red mark in the book or the first dance you performed on the stage where you were a rock star.


Leaving all these memories in the closed book of your life. Is this the toughest good bye?

You leave one toughest goodbye so you can proceed towards crafting memories that may be tougher.

Entering the life of a collage student is the dream of every teen to enjoy life in collage, seen in the movies. Which eventually becomes more beautiful then the reel life.

The first lecture where we meet new people from different schools, cities and backgrounds. The first break, the first eye contact with the girl that turns your thoughts around for life. The first canteen cola or the first blank book where someone's drawing, someone's crafting poetry or someone is just scribbling. The first get out of the class or may be the first bunk. The first cultural event, which keeps every soul, excited. The first practical class u baffle as to what to do next or the first nap in class. Making our first collage friend who becomes a part of your everyday story or a teacher who becomes an inspiration for you.

Leaving more beautiful memories behind forever. Is this the toughest good bye???

You enter professional life leaving your carefree life and best buddies on a different road. a sense of responsibility comes into picture where 15 grades of your life is put on test to take one job.

Starting of a professional life, which makes it your first job, and with dedication work starts. You make your colleagues your friends and they become your weekend company.

You laugh together, work together. At times you fight for your ego or your right. a close friend resigns and you know he is gone for better n your half soul is left out forever n u know may be you will never see them again.

Is this life of professionalism the toughest goodbye??

You have love in your life and everything seems to be perfect. in the middle of this something goes wrong n the red rose turns to a black one without notice. You know things will never be the same.

Is this the toughest goodbye??

These are some examples of my life where it was almost hard to think or realize which was the toughest.

To me goodbye is just a goodbye. It’s not tough or easy. It’s just a feeling inside the heart that keeps u attached to the good bye. We humans are born as singles. We don't bring along someone in this world to survive. We are born alone to be trained to live an individual life of our own. Its gods purpose to make us learn.

While we take birth we don't know who are parents are, who are friends are or who will our colleagues be. It’s a part of our life story that develops every moment everyday. As I said earlier what has to come has to go. What’s born has to die.

The feeling of the heartache is obvious because of the feeling of love and being attached to that particular thing or the moment or even the person whom we bid good-bye. The feeling of emotional crunch remains for few hours, sometimes minutes or days. Eventually we are humans and we learn to live with the truth.

its almost hard for any individual to understand which would be the toughest good bye. as every story you create will be beautiful n every goodbye the toughest. In the coming years the toughest goodbye would seem just normal life.

Goodbye is not the end but a beginning of a new journey into a different life form and this goes on till your last breathe.


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