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Unpublished Writings

Every writer in their lifetime have certain writings which never came up to the world for a specific reason. Those reasons are only known to the writer, they were written for a purpose but did not make it to the readers for ambiguity.

A writer always has his mind running on certain thoughts to write something. When I get a good line which may be incomplete but I would write it down somewhere to make it a quote or a blog out of the thought. At times those written lines are never completed because the moment that line was written the reason is forgotten to what it belonged to.

There have been certain blogs which never made it to my website had reasons. Certain times happy moments spent but something ruined my mood to write about it and waste my time, it may a very bad reason but that’s my thought. Certain times you have blogs you want to publish, but would not want to hurt the loved ones with your writing so they are unpublished. At times you have a topic in mind which you are desperate to write but the motive behind the blog is dead which does not make it to the published sector. There can be numerous reasons for the same, I’m just penning down some here.

There may be a writer who has all the reasons to blog about a specific topic but it may lead to issues and troubles if they are writing on a controversial issue. Today’s times are bad and everything is unpredictable and life is dearer than an unpublished blog. We have quite often seen books, movies, write-ups, songs, etc. getting banned for so many reasons because it may be revealing the living truth or may be hurting someone’s sentiments.

Last but not the least, at times I have started writing a blog and left it in between and now when I get back to the blog which are years old they don’t match my content I wrote years back as my language is polished then what it used to be.

So everyone has their own reasons to not publish something somewhere. I would like you all to tell us something that you wanted to publish but it remained unpublished. It may be a status, it may be a feeling on FB Status, it can be anything. I would love to read why it was unpublished. And if you feel you need to publish something feel free to talk to me and I can publish something on my guest post.


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