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Walk at the Graveyard!

A place that not too many are charmed with is a graveyard. It’s a place the deceased rest in harmony endlessly leaving the world and relaxing with god for perpetuity. Death is the last choice, probably there may exist a life after death that I am not certain of. But we cannot critic whatsoever as no one knows what occurs after the soul departs for God’s blissful Abode.


 My pal Benedict Vincent Solomon, we share a love hate relationship when it comes to our bond. We fight like opponents at times and patch up like friends the next moment. There is no hope for Ego to enter between us but rather the little hurt that the heart feels happens at times, part of the human nature. Nothing to be so worried about.

It was the year 2011 when all souls day was forthcoming and I was not conscious about the same. While heading back home from work, he told me he was going to visit his palace tomorrow and stay at the fortress the whole day and clean it and also enhance it. I was a bit traumatized to hear what he said. I said palace and he works in IT COMPANY.

I did not ask him on the first go and I asked him about what he was exactly talking about. He told me it’s his dad’s grave. My heart deteriorated for a jiffy he said “grave” and that to his fathers. It’s so important for a dad to be there in life and that moment I realized he is really missing his part of life.


Every year he says this to me when all souls day is approaching. I’m going to the palace. I never could tell him that I truly wanted to visit his dad’s grave, for it is of great importance to him and he may not like me going with him. I don’t know why but when I pass from the churchyard I would bow down to the souls resting there way before I met Benedict at work. I did tell him this that I bow to the graves as if someone dear to me is resting in the graves somewhere.

Finally it was 19th July 2014 when we were out for some work and he recalled an uncle passed away this a.m. and we saw folks at the funeral. He said do you mind if we stopover for a while to the cemetery. I said certainly not, ill accompany you if you are OK with it. We parked the bike and lastly after 3 years I get a chance to visit the graveyard. I put my step in and the noise from the main road vanishes as I enter inside. I felt some kind of relief stepping inside.  I asked him where are we going as seeing so many people at the burial, I was a bit scared not because of the dead but being inefficient to react in such situations. He said just relax and walk with me. He said we are going to the palace. This was the instant when I told him, Benny I always wanted to visit your palace and today you got me here.


He bent down to his dad’s grave and so did I after him, as I wanted him to meet his dad first. And bowing down I said to the grave, ultimately we meet uncle. There were leaves out there on the grave, which he was vacuuming, and I aided him do the same. I asked him if I could take the picture of the grave. He said go ahead and click whatever you want to click no one is going to stop you here. I asked for permission as at some places I keep my photographic passion hidden where I think it’s not the right place for snapping photos.

Besides his dads grave we meet his Grand Father and Grand mothers grave too and we bow down to them as well.


Benny's Grand Parents Grave.


I had a few queries in mind concerning the graveyard, as I have been to the cemetery before as well for burials of people but never got a chance to talk to somebody and ask my doubts as going to someone’s funeral would not be a good place to ask uncertainties and queries when there is pain in the heart.


My first query to him was, what happens to these graves. Are they ever released? He said yes they are unwrapped if someone in the household dies then they can be buried in the same grave. My unexpected question was what about the casket in the grave. He said the casket does not stay, it decays inside and incase if any body part of bone is remaining its enfolded in a cloth and buried with the body.


Near to uncle’s grave there rests a baby grave deprived of any name on it. He said this might be a newborn baby, who passed away so it’s without a name. My heart again sank seeing the baby grave, as I remember one of my cousins passing away when he was around 6 months. I was just talking inside my mind to God, as a modest human being without being complex. Just some questions as to how this life works birth, life, death and so on. In my mind I could just see the graveyard. I always wanted to walk the graveyard and today was the final day when the dead called me and gave me a chance to walk with him for almost an hour. I’m strolling down the cemetery along with the dead. Suddenly Benny sees a tree, which was rare.


Baby Grave 



That was probably a banyan tree out of which, from the middle of the trunk was going off another tree, which looked like a palm tree. And it was something I never saw. And Benny said, such things could be found here only. I wanted to go near to the tree to see it and suddenly the winds started blowing vigorously in the cemetery and Benny is like I am scared. I said come on you have your palace here and I have lived in a place with ghosts so don’t worry. We went and saw the tree and indeed it was something different, never seen in my life thing.





We walked through many graves and saw the graves in different conditions. Some graves which no one comes to see for ages, some which come daily to the grave. Some who have shrubs planted as a border to the grave and so on.




We were walking through a thousand souls in the graveyard and for a moment I felt not to leave the place as it was peaceful and I did not realize we almost spent an hour out there just with the dead. Benny always tells me, how peacefully they are sleeping. I don’t know why he says this but he does. And I don’t question him why.


I was asked if I wanted to see a dug grave, which was almost 6 feet under, and he took me to the grave that was dug. Along the grave was a grave of a lady who passed away on the July 18, 2014.





When the dead lay in peace in the grave, the grave is buried with mud and is not flat. It’s like a mountain, which is made, which is kept that way for at least a year and then flattened. I was told if the grave is grave is flatten on its own it means it’s calling for someone. I may be wrong here. As I may be mixing the flat grave and the grave which has more mud on it to make it a mountain.


We finally were going towards the exit and he took me to the cemetery of REV. FR JOHN BAPTIST HAAS S.J who hailed from Germany and breathe his last here in Pune in 1989.




Finally we were leaving and I asked him the last question if I could bring my camera to picture the graveyard and he said you surely can and he will bring me one day. I told him I want to photograph the grave in the morning with the sunrays towards the grave.


We were moving out of the graveyard and I looked back at it and said; I shall stopover again. I did not want to leave the graveyard because after a tiring day I did not fetch enough sleep and at the graveyard I got peace that I did not get in a long run. It was calm and serene. It was like some kind of a meditation I was going through and may be in a state of trance where my mind was surrendered to walk with the souls resting in peace. It was an amazing time I spent at a place not everyone would prefer to visit.


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