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When i look in the mirror

Mirror is woman’s best friend generally for teenage girls and beautiful women who spend lots of time looking in the mirror admiring her beauty and all the nooks and corners of her body. New clothes, new jewellery some soft toys and some soft toys. They hold these things on to their body and admire that stuff on them and start praising themselves. As per my research on mirrors and girls I found a common thing between girls in USA and INDIA. The common thing was an Apple Iphone and the Mirror between the girls. They are fascinated with their looks and they start clicking pictures in such a way by looking in the mirror that the Iphone is being advertised too. Teenage girls spend half of the time in their room in front of the mirror either with the Iphone or with admiring themselves.

            Being a person fascinated with me and self obsessed even i use to look in the mirror for hours but i did not look for the perfection in me, but tried finding what was wrong in me and tried improving it. My Hair is the most precious thing i have and always tried some different styles on it too.

            Suddenly one day when i was looking in the mirror something crazy struck my mind and i start searching for it. What struck my mind was how my last name came into an existence. And i started speaking my last name by looking in the mirror. And to my surprise there came a point that i was speaking my name so many times that i forgot what my last name was. Eventually after too much of thinking also i could not recall my last name. Finally after a long period of time, i had to take up my school book to recall my name.

            Now when i look in the mirror too many questions come in my mind. Who am i? What is my existence worth? Who am i important for? And many more questions which come into my mind and somehow i also have found out the answers to my questions. Every day when i look myself in the mirror some inspiration i get by looking into it. As it’s my reflection which i see and observe. I get a motive everyday and someday i accomplish that motive which reflects in the mirror.

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