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Why do I Blog

Earlier periods and even now people have the practice of lettering their private journal which they keep it furtively to them, which has sequence of actions in day to day lifetime. May be significant or inconsequential. I too had this practice of writing my journal with all senseless linguistic which made no sagacity at all. I would say for a matter of fact I did not even construct sentences, they were just pointers as a memory of what I did. Ultimately I stopped writing on paper.

I started working with IT where I would continuously face the workstation and the technology substandard my way of writing on paper and then using the digital form of script. I started to blog offline making word documents about my life where soon I thought of having my own blog with a unique name and there it all started.

Usually I use to write quotations on the opinions that come to my awareness and what I hear from my ambiances and those quotes use to go to friends in the form of SMS as earlier then What’s app there  use to be an MMS which seems to be all name changers in 2015. So always I had friends asking me to write very small things like a birthday message to a love letter for their loved ones. I thought to bring this idea of writing online where I could preserve them forever.

Initially 5 blogs were utter non sense to me which made no sense to me but as I had those files with me I wanted to put them up. As time passed by my blog content changed, but yet on the lines of my experience of life.

I happened to blog for one more purpose was just a personal touch to my own life and as I am an open book to many I wanted myself to be more open to the world, thou I would say the people who know me well are still the ones who say I am mysterious and would not know me well. This blog I made not to fetch fame but for people to read about my life. It’s always interesting to read about others life as it gives us an idea of how others life is.

It’s more than 4 years now that my blog is active, but it’s not reached a lakh viewers. I am not concerned about how many views do I get. I’m just concerned I am reaching to the users who love to read. As I am a music lover I would love to listen to any kind of music, like wise there are readers who would love to read anything that comes cross them.

My main reason of this blog is the people who don’t know me well, can get a glimpse of all I am in life and the same I would be in real with them as well. I would continue to blog but might be a bit slow as my monotonous life at times does not give me proper time to write but as its said, no one has time you need to fetch time for everything. So I would continue to put my work up with new blog contents related to my experience of life.

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