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My Incomplete Struggle

Life was never an easy charge. May it be the 18th Century or the 21st, Life at different times had different encounters to face in demand to endure the stress-free spoken hard-hitting lived word called “TIME”. In the 21st century where clash is gigantic and the rate of accomplishment is negligible, we think of well-off people to have accomplished things years back because we in our sanities to think that it was a easy cake walk for them in that period when they began with. I’m sure it was no…

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4 Octave Vocal Range – Legend Freddie Mercury

There are times when people ask me looking at the wallpaper on my cell phone and also on my computer who is Freddie Mercury and why are you crazy about him. The first thing I speak to them is that he is a Legend of Rock. A star that diminished years ago in 1991 but in 2014 too his voice is a masterpiece no one can replace. He is the lead singer of the Band “QUEEN”.  Still people are not convinced who is he. I ask them one question, have you heard the song called we will rock you? The immediate a…

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My Job Versus My Passion

Everyone who wants to survive in this world and not stay hungry would be working for a living. May it be a self owned business or a job.  Out of which some would just be considering their job as the only thing to do in life as their prime importance. Someone would also have a passion for something to do along with his or her job.

I have a job where I am working for the service desk and working for a US process where my job timings start from evening. At first I only concentrated on my job, as …

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ARK – Art of Random Kindness

This word was known from one of the Hollywood movies a long time ago and they called it ARK – Art of random kindness that makes me feel nostalgic of my childhood memories.

In life we see a lot of things that might hurt us to even see someone suffering in life or also to see someone who is so poor that they have to beg to survive. Every human being goes through a series of pain and come out of it. Being humans we always think to help someone or the other for some little things, which might not…

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Toughest goodbyes

It's said what’s born has to die, what comes has to go. Everything is temporary in this world. One day it has to perish, it’s the rule of the universe.

Considering some examples of good byes we face in our life from childhood till we perish forever.

Let’s start with the first day of play school. when our creators come to drop you at the class door and they bid you the first goodbye for the day.

Is this the toughest goodbye??

Last day of school when you have tons of memories with scho…

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Reunion after 18 Years

It’s said there is “NOTHING LIKE REUNIONS.”

I totally agree with these words now. As there happened to be an unplanned reunion with an old friend out of the blue.

What are re-unions? They are merely a meeting of school friends, Collage mates, Colleagues, meeting of acquaintances again without reasons and many more relations of meeting back way after time has passed. Reunions are basically meeting people who were an integral part of your life once upon a time. 


Reunions basically in…

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5 books to read in life

I am one person who is a good reader and observer. Not every book would fascinate me. There are some books that I have read from start to the end. I would love to pen them here as my perspective to the books which should be read by an individual once in a lifetime.

1.    Bhagavad Gita: 

This is a a part of the epic Mahabharata, where its written in a dialogue form between Arjuna the pandava prince and his guide Lord Krishna. I recommand this book as it’s the holy book of the Hindu’s. We of…

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Mystic Lens

First I would start this blog with a justification to all the readers who visit my website and leave disillusioned for not having any post since last November. It was just a malfunction in my life I was going through and all the ups and downs I was surviving with, thou nothing broke me but yes it reduced down my hustle. Now I am back to the original form of myself. Talisman Fardi was born with this blog who always was enigmatic for many and still lingers to be the same. I am on the roadway wit…

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Understand Life Better

This is a Lovely Email I received from my Elder Cousin Khushru and I am immensely touched with it. It's worth a read at least once by one and all. I anticipate you all will value this writing.

Dear All,



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     In life humans are born to see the ups and downs of life. Humans grow up soon enough from a child to an adult never looking back to things as they know looking forward to life is the correct vision to their success. I would like to talk about some people who in short time became close buddies or colleagues and soon left never to look back again.


     Its been 8 months that I am working in MphasiS An hp company and from the time I have joined the production floor every now and then …

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My Struggle And The Returns

My Struggle started on 14th December 1985 when I was born.  My mom had a hard time during my birth. According to the doctors her due date was on 1st of January 1986 and unexpectedly things changed. On 14th December mom faced terrific pain as I was upturned in mom’s womb. When mom delivered me doctor said this kid brought himself from fatality to life and you as well. I fought with fatality to be born in this world to magnificent parents.


This was just the beginning and my struggle…

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My Guru

I am sure everyone has one Guru, who changes our lives for something better. 

There are different definitions of a guru according to different people.

My Guru – Father James.

Who was my vice principal in Saint Mary’s School, Rajkot. I joined Saint Mary’s School in the 7th Standard. I was very terrible at the Gujarati Language, where reading and writing was concerned. I could converse in Gujarati but that too in the intonation we Parsi’s converse. He came to know that I was new …

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The Japanese User

This blog probably won’t be as long as the others because I want to share my experience which was quite short with the Japanese user.

I work with the Projects team in MphasiS under the PCLM (PC Lifecycle Management) and my work is to help the users to migrate the data from their old computer to the new one when the old computer goes out of warranty and they receive a replacement computer.  This user was a Japanese user and his name was Toshioki Hirono. Talking to him I was amazed by the com…

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The Stage

                When the word stage strikes our mind, there are quite a few possibilities of what it can be. It can be at school; it can be at work and it can be at home and many more. But for me, where on earth i stand becomes the stage for me. For i trust life is one stage where we got to go ahead and perform our responsibilities and take the authority in life to make others become conscious what we are proficient with.

                I consider one stage which made me well-known w…

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Blood Donation

I read it on a poster which was pasted on the wall which said: “YOU ARE A BLOOD OWNER, BE A BLOOD DONOR.” – Which is one inspirational line to boost the moral of the blood donor.

             I have come across many friends and family who say that they have donated the blood and they always do it every three months. It’s been a while when I was trying to donate my blood but because of my health I was never able to donate blood. Blood donation is a noble cause because there are patients…

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The spirit i met

We often hear people saying that they saw a person who is already dead and they call it spirit. It’s always said that they person who is close to your life can be seen once in your life. These things have many reasons to it which cannot be defined as it directly is connected with your state of mind.

                This is a story about me when I was in the 5th standard studying in Barnes high school, Devlali which is a famous Boarding school. This school is famous for three …

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Motivating Mentors


            Every child once in a lifetime faces a hitch at school with their teachers. specifically the feeble ones in the class are at times treated very roughly by the teachers and are uncared for in the class. This kind of conduct can have a dreadful impact on the child and can have many surplus results out of it. Such one child was me.

            Till the 9th Grade i was a intelligent student. I would not say a topper but yes always having good bloodthirsty m…

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Talisman Fardi

I am what i am

I am onЄ My$ŦΞrψ, ψou Cannot $olVЄ.
My$ŦΞrψ 4 onΞ, My$ŦΞrψ 4 Δll.

Ð mős† uŊprΞd!c†ablЭ pЄr$őň. Ŋő őnΞ !n Ŧh!$ wőrld Ċan knőw whå† åc†ually I am †h!nk!ng.

I l!kΞ wha† I do, I do wha† I l!kЄ.
I åm a pЄr$on who likЭs to bΞ ålonΞ. Bu† ! havЄ lΞarn† my wày to s†ày alonΞ. Ðon† a$k mЄ how I can månàgΞ mysΞlf àlonЄ; ask yoursΞlf why u càn† mànågΞ your$Ξlf ålonЄ.

Alwåys lΞarn† nΞw wåys to h…

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Encounter With Arjun Rampal

Encounter  with Arjun Rampal

I’ve met a lot of celebrities in my life but one is special for me; it’s Arjun Rampal.

This encounter took place when i was in Devlali. Arjun Rampal’s Mom Gwen Rampal Stayed right behind my Aunts place. I had met Gwen aunty many times before i had met Arjun.  That very first time when i met aunt she gave me posters of Arjun’s movie Deewanapan and she had promised me that she will send me a autographed poster of Arjun and after some days she had done it. …

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My Imaginary Pet

I am an animal lover since i was a child. There are some good and bad incidents which have happened with me due to some animals but it never took me away from them. Ill share some of the incidents and how my imaginative pet came into an existence in my mind.

            Till the age of 9 i was bitten by two different dogs on the left side of my body. Once on my hand, second time on the feet and the third time on my thigh. The other incident happened on my way to college. As usual i was at a …

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