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Art of random kindness - Part II

This would be the second time I would be mentioning this word, ARK - Act of random kindness. It’s such a simple sentence but at times, we humans find it difficult to execute this harmless act which needs courage to perform. I am sure you must be thinking, why I am saying it needs courage to perform. This blog would make you understand what I actually mean.

I thought a zillion times, before I could write this blog as readers are the best critics and I wondered people would laugh on reading thi…

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ARK – Art of Random Kindness

This word was known from one of the Hollywood movies a long time ago and they called it ARK – Art of random kindness that makes me feel nostalgic of my childhood memories.

In life we see a lot of things that might hurt us to even see someone suffering in life or also to see someone who is so poor that they have to beg to survive. Every human being goes through a series of pain and come out of it. Being humans we always think to help someone or the other for some little things, which might not…

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