Talisman Fardi !!

An ordinary man's open book

It started when my loneliness picked up a pencil to scribble on paper at the age of 9. Trying to copy some literature work came across some words which ensnared me. Suddenly a dictionary gifted by my dad came across my eyes and started finding meanings to the words. My copy writing work started to get curtailed where my writings took birth to get completed.

Little quotes which were insignificant started to have meanings and it erupted my feelings on paper. Rough books for school became my scrap book for my work.  Three years of my being away from my parents crammed many books and 7 years later got a cell phone which allowed me to send messages to my friends and then they started become famous amongst them, for all of the words I used to write meant something as they were based on the true incidents and my experiences.

Lots of places gave me good sensations to sit and widen my thoughts on paper.  It started with my School where I worked, Café coffee day and Motel the village where there was a small cafeteria outside it. These are some places which stimulated me to engrave something superior as it had  a lovely crowd to encounter. Now there is unambiguous place I write, as I keep thinking some or the other 24 X 7.

My writing are well-liked by some buddies and sometimes I am asked to write specially for them as they quite think my words have some mystifying influence which can impress anyone.  These positive reception never made me stop my mind from thinking and writing and this phenomenon will go on till my last breathe.

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